What I wore to an Ed Sheeran Concert

March 5, 2015

Hey lovely people!

Ed Sheeran came to India for the very first time and obviously I jumped in line to get my hands on the tickets the minute I heard of it.  This concert faced some really controversial weather where we were almost unsure whether it would be happening at all. The weather suddenly went all gloomy two days before the concert with heavy showers and it looked like it was going to rain on the concert day too. Fortunately it didn't rain and it was one of the best concerts ever, at least in Mumbai. Ed Sheeran also said how he heard it was supposed to rain that day but he had stocked up on some songs if it rains. It was a lot of fun, people sang along to ALL of the lyrics and Ed Sheeran also wore a Kurta on stage and an Indian Flag on his microphone. I can now go on with my life peacefully with no regrets. ( Ha! Almost)

So this is the outfit I wore to the concert:

Boxy Sweatshirt : Forever 21
Skirt : Ginger
Sunglasses and Phone Cover : Thrifted
Shoes : Ginger
Sling Bag : Forever 21

However, I had to ditch my sandals for my comfy, old, trustworthy Converse and also because they're red and they went pretty well with my outfit!

                                                                   Have a nice day!

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