Review : Oriflame Nature Secrets Anti Perspirant with Mint & Raspberry

April 17, 2015

Hey there!

This product that I'm going to review today is something I stumbled upon by chance. I am a Secret antiperspirant user because in my honest opinion I haven't used any better anti antiperspirant till date. I cannot praise it enough but that's going to take this post to a completely different direction. So since Secret Antiperspirants were out of stock for a month at the website I usually buy it, I had to look for alternatives. I came across this Oriflame antiperspirant and what drew me to it were the words ' Mint & Raspberry' which are two of my favourite scents and flavours too so I decided to try it.

Oriflame Antiperspirant
What it says :

  • All-day protecting and deodorising Roll-on with stimulating mint and raspberry extract
  • Keeps skin fresh all day without leaving white marks
( Yes that's it! The product wasn't very descriptive on the website or on the bottle.)

Quantity : 50ml

Price: Rs 169/-

Oriflame Antiperspirant


 1. Nice fruity scent that lasted about 6-8 hours on me. Even after the fruity scent disappears, the freshness still stays and there is no sweating.

2. It stays true to it's claim of leaving no white marks on my clothes.

3. It has a minty sensation when applied to the skin.

4 Cute and travel friendly packaging.

5. It is really cheap and economical.

6. It doesn't irritate my extra sensitive skin which is a common problem I face sometimes.


1. When I thought raspberry, I was expecting a full blown natural raspberry scent. The scent of this antiperspirant is really nice and fresh but definitely milder than actual raspberry scents.

2. I bought this in February and I'm about to run out of it in 2 months. So it didn't last me very long although I used it once a day daily.

3. The product ingredients list is only in Czech. There is no way of knowing all the ingredients in it.

4. It has a roller ball which I personally find a little unhygienic as compared to roll ups.

Oriflame Antiperspirant

Product Rating:


I hope you enjoyed reading this.

The House That Built Me

April 13, 2015

Note :This is a really old blogpost I wrote sometime around last April and it used to be one of my favourite posts on my old blog.( Yes I used to have a personal blog before I started this one.) I thought this deserves a place on any blog that I decide to start because it's so close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading it. 

The last week of my life has been one of the most amazing times I’ve had in this year. I went back to visit my childhood house, where I grew up and it was the most exhilarating experience ever. I moved from that place when I was around 8-9 years old and although I wouldn’t call it my teenage home but it was my early childhood, the years with the best memories. As soon as I set foot on the porch, I was so overwhelmed by the memories and stories from my parents who kept narrating it to the new residents. The new residents were slightly shocked and very amused to see the old residents of the house, the people who actually had built it to come back and visit after decades. The whole idea of visiting it was on a whim. We were passing through the town and we randomly decided to go in and pay a visit. I must say that was one of the top best decisions I’ve ever made. The three hours that I spent in that house made me feel so giddy and whole inside and made me forget every worry I had. I felt closer to my inner child who had been long gone and suppressed but now it wanted to come out and play.
It’s uncanny how I remember every little detail of the furniture and rooms of this house. Although many residents have lived here and each of them has made changes to it over the years, the original house remains etched in my memory. I can remember things I did in every corner of the house all those years ago more than what I did last month.When the residents gave me a tour of the entire house, I felt like I didn’t need any guidance. I knew every nook, every secret of the house better than any of them. I felt proud to have remembered this magical place and this must be what heaven feels like. One of my theories about after-death and heaven is the place has to do with some of the good memories of the life I’ve lived so I could go back and relive them. It would have been frustrating if I walked into this half changed house and not remember my childhood, my roots, where I came from. It’s true that some of the best memories never die; they live on with you forever no matter where you go.
Photography by Farhad Sadykov
  This is the house that moulded me, taught me so many things, gave me life changing experiences which has made me who I am today. I owe everything to this place. I couldn’t help get a little teary-eyed while I was taking the tour. So I quickly climbed up the stairs to the terrace which used to be my very own hideout spot. I would spend hours on the terrace sitting on a chair, reading Enid Blyton novels or playing with my toys up there. Especially during the holidays, it used to be a task to bring me back down for my meals because I refused to leave the place. I would lie down in the hot summer evenings, looking at the star-lit sky. One of the things I loved about the town is we could still fall asleep staring at stars. Sometimes when I would have some kids over, they would also join me at the terrace and play games together.Those were the years I would never regret and always look back on.
Now after growing up in this big bad world, those years feel like heaven when trusting people wasn’t that hard, I had no worries , the biggest decisions I would make was what I would eat that day and everyone would love me unconditionally. After this visit, I was taken back to my happy place, the place I hope would come back to me and things would be just like it used to be all those years ago. Living in the past has never been a good thing but when some things of your past make you so happy, it’s okay to dwell on them once in a while. A lot of people aren’t blessed with happy childhood memories and I consider myself so lucky that I have these to think about, smile to myself and pass on these stories some years down the line. I’m glad I can resort to these during dark times. I would be completely lost without them. If the question on your mind is “After all this time?” then I’m obliged to reply with a proud and teary-eyed “Always”
Photographed by Vivian Farinazzo

The title of the post has been inspired by the song – The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. She won a Grammy for this song back in 2011. I absolutely love the lyrics of the song which is also about someone's childhood home and the moment I walked in to my old house, I thought of this song.

To never growing up,

My Five Beauty Blunders

April 5, 2015

Do you ever feel like you make these tiny beauty mistakes every-time and after the deed has been done you remember how you swore to never do it again? This post is going to be all about that. Here is a list of some beauty blunders that I have committed in the past as an amateur.( I still do sometimes)
Photograph by Maria Morri via Flickr

1. Too light concealer:
There is the bright under eye triangle illuminated look. There's also the white ghost face that is four shades lighter than your foundation and body. I may have experienced the latter quite a few times when I didn't know what shade of concealer would be right for me. You experiment and you eventually find out brands and shades that suit you perfectly. I am much more cautious whenever I am experimenting anything other than my holy grail concealers now. A good tip would be to try out the concealer in the store and I don't know if it's just me but go with your gut feeling, you don't always have to listen to the sales girl. I've been pressured into buying a wrong shade sometimes and I wish I didn't.

2. Skipping the base coat:
This is another important step I skip a lot because I forgot to get my base coat with me on the trip, I cannot find it when I'm painting my nails or out of sheer laziness. The obvious outcome is my nail polish chips much earliar than it should have. This is very important if you want to keep your nails from turning yellow and to make your manicure last longer.

3. Dark Lips without a liner:
This is another trick that makes a major before and after difference. Applying any lip liner( doesn't always have to be the colour of your lipstick) before you wear a dark lipstick really helps it look put together and won't make it bleed. I love nude or pinky nude lip liners because of how they look even on their own and can be used for lining under dark colours or any colour basically. It acts as a base for the lipstick to hold onto. I used to think lip balm alone can do the job of making my lips look smooth but it apparently isn't. 

4.Not Blending the neck:
I don't wear foundation everyday but when I do, I sometimes forget to do this step and it is an important step in order to make your makeup look put together. You could end up with uneven skintone because not always do our foundations exactly match her natural skintone. Leaving your neck bare can look really unattractive especially when you have a tan. Putting sunscreen on the neck is easily overlooked in a lot of people's routines. Sometime I'll apply it on my face and walk out which I regret doing. It is said that wrinkles show up on the neck much faster than other parts of the body. So give some extra attention to it.

5.Harsh eyebrows:
Now this one really depends on your hair colour. Since I have dark brown/black hair, I have found that using a brown eyebrow pencil looks much more natural than a black or dark brown. I always buy eyebrow powders that are a shade lighter than my natural hair colour which makes them look less harsh. Also buying a tone of eyebrow powder matching the tone of your natural hair really works. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find the right eyebrow products because a lot of times beauty companies don't give enough importance to those and have a generic two or three shades that is supposed to fit every demographic,hair colour which I hate. The solution to that is using matte eye shadows which comes in a million different shades and getting a shade that is perfect to the "T".

What are you guilty of?

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