My Five Beauty Blunders

April 5, 2015

Do you ever feel like you make these tiny beauty mistakes every-time and after the deed has been done you remember how you swore to never do it again? This post is going to be all about that. Here is a list of some beauty blunders that I have committed in the past as an amateur.( I still do sometimes)
Photograph by Maria Morri via Flickr

1. Too light concealer:
There is the bright under eye triangle illuminated look. There's also the white ghost face that is four shades lighter than your foundation and body. I may have experienced the latter quite a few times when I didn't know what shade of concealer would be right for me. You experiment and you eventually find out brands and shades that suit you perfectly. I am much more cautious whenever I am experimenting anything other than my holy grail concealers now. A good tip would be to try out the concealer in the store and I don't know if it's just me but go with your gut feeling, you don't always have to listen to the sales girl. I've been pressured into buying a wrong shade sometimes and I wish I didn't.

2. Skipping the base coat:
This is another important step I skip a lot because I forgot to get my base coat with me on the trip, I cannot find it when I'm painting my nails or out of sheer laziness. The obvious outcome is my nail polish chips much earliar than it should have. This is very important if you want to keep your nails from turning yellow and to make your manicure last longer.

3. Dark Lips without a liner:
This is another trick that makes a major before and after difference. Applying any lip liner( doesn't always have to be the colour of your lipstick) before you wear a dark lipstick really helps it look put together and won't make it bleed. I love nude or pinky nude lip liners because of how they look even on their own and can be used for lining under dark colours or any colour basically. It acts as a base for the lipstick to hold onto. I used to think lip balm alone can do the job of making my lips look smooth but it apparently isn't. 

4.Not Blending the neck:
I don't wear foundation everyday but when I do, I sometimes forget to do this step and it is an important step in order to make your makeup look put together. You could end up with uneven skintone because not always do our foundations exactly match her natural skintone. Leaving your neck bare can look really unattractive especially when you have a tan. Putting sunscreen on the neck is easily overlooked in a lot of people's routines. Sometime I'll apply it on my face and walk out which I regret doing. It is said that wrinkles show up on the neck much faster than other parts of the body. So give some extra attention to it.

5.Harsh eyebrows:
Now this one really depends on your hair colour. Since I have dark brown/black hair, I have found that using a brown eyebrow pencil looks much more natural than a black or dark brown. I always buy eyebrow powders that are a shade lighter than my natural hair colour which makes them look less harsh. Also buying a tone of eyebrow powder matching the tone of your natural hair really works. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find the right eyebrow products because a lot of times beauty companies don't give enough importance to those and have a generic two or three shades that is supposed to fit every demographic,hair colour which I hate. The solution to that is using matte eye shadows which comes in a million different shades and getting a shade that is perfect to the "T".

What are you guilty of?

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