Review : Oriflame Nature Secrets Anti Perspirant with Mint & Raspberry

April 17, 2015

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This product that I'm going to review today is something I stumbled upon by chance. I am a Secret antiperspirant user because in my honest opinion I haven't used any better anti antiperspirant till date. I cannot praise it enough but that's going to take this post to a completely different direction. So since Secret Antiperspirants were out of stock for a month at the website I usually buy it, I had to look for alternatives. I came across this Oriflame antiperspirant and what drew me to it were the words ' Mint & Raspberry' which are two of my favourite scents and flavours too so I decided to try it.

Oriflame Antiperspirant
What it says :

  • All-day protecting and deodorising Roll-on with stimulating mint and raspberry extract
  • Keeps skin fresh all day without leaving white marks
( Yes that's it! The product wasn't very descriptive on the website or on the bottle.)

Quantity : 50ml

Price: Rs 169/-

Oriflame Antiperspirant


 1. Nice fruity scent that lasted about 6-8 hours on me. Even after the fruity scent disappears, the freshness still stays and there is no sweating.

2. It stays true to it's claim of leaving no white marks on my clothes.

3. It has a minty sensation when applied to the skin.

4 Cute and travel friendly packaging.

5. It is really cheap and economical.

6. It doesn't irritate my extra sensitive skin which is a common problem I face sometimes.


1. When I thought raspberry, I was expecting a full blown natural raspberry scent. The scent of this antiperspirant is really nice and fresh but definitely milder than actual raspberry scents.

2. I bought this in February and I'm about to run out of it in 2 months. So it didn't last me very long although I used it once a day daily.

3. The product ingredients list is only in Czech. There is no way of knowing all the ingredients in it.

4. It has a roller ball which I personally find a little unhygienic as compared to roll ups.

Oriflame Antiperspirant

Product Rating:


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