Review : Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel

May 18, 2015

Hey there!

This week has been really long and busy. Since I have my holidays now, I have been busy cleaning up, organizing and making plans with my friends and family. I have a new review for you guys! It is Iraya's Manjistha Eye Contour Gel. I got this product in my April Fab Bag and I used it for the past week or so every single night before going to bed. I think I sort of have an idea of what I feel about the product or what it does for me. So it is the ideal time to write a review on it.

What the product says :

Easy to use, nutrient-rich eye care in a gel form. With the extracts of Indian madder(manjistha) and lavender essential oil, helps cool the eyes, reduce puffiness and swelling, minimize dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area.

Ingredients List :


Quantity: 20 grams.

Price: Rs 350/-

My Review:

I love trying out under eye products because I do get puffy eyes and also have bad under eye circles because I don't sleep too much.( Typical college student) I am also really cautious and scared to try out these eye products because I have really sensitive skin and the skin under our eyes is probably the most sensitive parts of our bodies. This particular eye gel comes in a really cute glass jar with a metal screw on lid. It is deep burgundy in colour and feels like jello in a jar. I can only imagine how this'll feel if it is stored in the refrigerator. The minute I opened the jar, a really strong, ayurvedic scent filled the room. So it has a really strong, herbal scent to it but it disappears after the initial application.

Pros :

1. Really sturdy glass jar packaging which is also looks cute with my makeup collection.

2. The price is economical. Most eye creams/gels start from Rs 500 and go upto 2000 or even more if you're looking at high end brands.

3. It is really cooling under the eyes and I love that aloe is one of the ingredients which is very good for sensitive skin or just all skin types in general.

4. Comes in a decent sized packaging which is also travel friendly.

5. It quickly absorbs into the skin and the strong herbal scent disappears once applied and blended.

6. It is amazing with puffiness. There was one night this week when I got only 4 hours of sleep when I decided to use this before going to bed and I looked quite fresh the next morning.


1. It doesn't help with dark circles at all. It is still understandable since dark circles aren't something that can be treated with a short term use of a product or sometimes it cannot be treated at all(when it is due to genetics). However it can be minimized, like it says in the description of the product so it isn't misleading.

2. The scent is a bit too strong and since you're putting it on your face, some people might not be too fond of it. It is probably the manjistha which imparts it's herbal scent. It is easy to get used to after a few uses.

So it is a good eye gel if you want to try out something but don't want to shell out a lot of money for an eye product. It's texture sort of reminds me of the garnier eye roll on which was one of my favourite products and the cooling sensation is comparable to that. I wish this came with the metal roller type packaging. That would be amazing.


 That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this review.

Have a nice day!

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