My Teenage Anthems

July 12, 2015

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So keeping up with the throwback theme from my last post 90's Vibe, I was wondering about all the songs I loved when I was a teenager. We had no One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer back then. What we had were some incredible boy bands but of an older age group than the teens have today but I loved them just the same. Although I can name a few 100 songs I loved but I have summed it up to my top six teenage anthems, which absolutely stayed with me from 7th-12th grade when I finished High School. What makes me sad is that I haven't had any new favourites from these bands in a while now. So I felt the need to share a post about them and the good days.
1.  I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan
This song from the 1999 Canadian Band was my favourite tragedy love song. I loved everything from this band for a good chunk of my teenage hood because they wrote about teenage feelings a lot or topics a lot of us could connect to. I also loved Perfect and I'm Just A Kid.This one however stuck throughout the years in my playlist.

2. Breaking Free - High School Musical
Who wasn't in love with Troy Bolton when this movie came out in 2006? Everyone was an instant fan of Zac Efron. It was possibly one of the most successful Disney original film that year. I went on to later discover that this song was in fact sung by Drew Seeley and not Zac, but nevertheless loved the song and the ending scene where they performed this on stage. 

3. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
These guys came around in 2005 when I was in a Punk Rock loving phase. The reason why I got hooked to them was because I was looking for more bands like Green Day, Blink-182 and Secondhand Serenade. They had a similar vibe to their songs. I discovered this one when I was looking for new songs for a travel playlist before going on summer holiday and this fit the description so well.

4. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
This song released by the All American Rejects in 2009 has got a lot of pop culture recognition and I was particularly taken by the Youtube music video that they made showing all sorts of people- kids,teens and adults holding up cards with their deepest secrets on them. That was the year I first started using Youtube and immediately fell in love with the idea of watching the music video whenever I wanted(not having to wait for MTV to finally play it).

5. Away From The Sun - 3 Doors Down
This 1996 rock band has been famous a lot of their hits like Kryptonite and Here Without You baby. I like this title song from their 2002 album. I don't personally know anyone who has discovered this song before the two cult favourite songs but once you do, you know how great it is.

6. Falling in Love - Mcfly
Ah, Mcfly. I had a major boy band crush on them since the day I discovered British punk/pop bands. So far I had been more into American punk bands and I decribed the new genre with this song. Falling in Love was the song that literally best described the 'falling in love' feeling in high school.


  1. I only know Breaking free from the list. I wish I could still remember the anthems of my childhood. (I'm still teenager)

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart

    1. I think you should listen to the others as well. You might like a few :)

  2. I appreciate more the music of 2000s. Their so nostalgic especially breaking free! So much feels for high school musical!


    1. I agree. The first High School Musical was the best one ever <3

  3. Zac Efron in High School Musical!!!! I made my husband watch all the movies, lol. And yes, the first one was the best because it was like a breath of fresh air, with the sequels you already knew what to expect. I honestly think that I was born too soon, I should have been an 80's born baby.

    1. Haha That's a first. Usually people wish they were born in an earlier era but it's great that you always wanted to be a 90's kid. :)

  4. Amazing selection darling! I feel a little bit nostalgic!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

    1. It's so great to know that you liked these songs as well. xx


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