Summer Favourites

August 29, 2015

#1 Flower Crowns – These cute little accessories have been so famous this past spring and also in the summer. With the rise of the bohemian trend, everybody has been rocking these at concerts, festivals or just with a boho outfit. I love this one I have from a local place but I’m sure you can find some pretty ones at Accessorize too. I had seen a very pretty one with metal leaves and white roses but I couldn’t justify owning two of these.

#2 Hair Tie Set – The set of blue stretchy hair ties are from Forever 21. They are great for tying my hair up in the summer or topknots because they don’t crease my hair or make it look funny. Since they are made with the softest elastic material, they don’t pull out or damage my hair.

Dreamin' of Paradise

August 24, 2015

I am lucky to be living in a seaside city where the sun shines brightly almost throughout the year. We have the perpetual feeling of being on holiday but that doesn’t stop me from wishing I was somewhere away and experiencing a new place, perhaps a new sea. This shirt from Vero Moda is pretty much tropical island appropriate. With it’s leafy prints and white flowers it reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt. I keep dreaming of being magically transported to an unknown island in the middle of the ocean with free drinks served in coconuts. ( Sigh! A girl can dream)


Pick My Style

August 18, 2015

I was just introduced to a new fashion app called ‘PickMy Style’ and I thought ‘ Wow, a new fashion app. I’m always up for that.’ I mean I have accounts on literally all the existing ones or I am stalking them anonymously anyway. (same thing right?) I decided to download it on my phone since it finally has an iPhone app now and thought I’d post a picture and see how it works. This one’s for all the ladies suffering from the ‘I have too many clothes but nothing to wear’ situation including myself.

What they say: With the new fashion app “PICK MY STYLE”, the world becomes your style advisor. How does this outfit look? Which shoes are better? Is this bag worth buying? These are classic questions many of us face everyday (guilty!). Pick My STYLE is a heaven sent app that makes answering these questions exciting and more fun than ever.

My Take On It: This app seems like a good solution to shopping woes especially when you are out there alone in a massive store with too many options and no partner to help you. Or if you need to be somewhere in under 20 mins with no pre decided outfit and need someone to make a quick decision for you. The people on the app are just normal fashion obsessed girls like you and me and it forms a nice little helping community from all around the world. You can post your own clothes, snippets from the store or even an online directory and you will have people voting on your looks within minutes.

Bow & Arrow Candle Co.

August 16, 2015

Bow & Arrow Candle CoScented Soy Candles
I received this package in the mail a couple of days ago from Bow and Arrow Candle Co and I was overjoyed to see that my candles had arrived and in good time too. It came with a cute handwritten note as well which was such a great addition. To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, Bow & Arrow Candle Co is an Etsy shop that sells lovely little handmade candles in quite interesting scents and bright colours.  The two that I ordered were Rain Water*and ‘Sex on the beach*. The reason I went for these candles were because they are soy candles and I was planning to convert to using 100% soy candles for quite some time now.
I only delayed it because I can be quite picky with scents and hadn’t found any that I liked up until now. Apart from having plenty of health benefits, soy candles also burn longer and hence a candle is proven to last much longer than the paraffin ones. The scents also last longer on the candle. If you’re bit of a hoarder like me and you might have candles from a year or two ago and want to burn them only to find that they don’t smell as strong as they used to can be quite disheartening. Soy candles make sure you don’t waste any candles since they can be quite expensive.
Bow & Arrow CandlesRain Water Candle

Mornin' Sunshine

August 9, 2015

mornin' sunshineYellow off the shoulder top
I had a nice day out this weekend, scouting around the city and eating some really good food. Although it was a casual day, it was planned for visits to some fancier places and hence this outfit decided to come out of my wardrobe. This yellow off the shoulder top is the cutest thing I've laid eyes on. These tops have been almost everywhere I have shopped/window-shopped but I picked this one because of the white pom-pom and lace detailing drew me to it. It has a tighter hem line but the rest of the top is poofy. I paired the top with my gorgeous laser cut midi skirt. This one is such a nice moderate length however the inner lining is a few inches shorter than the laser cut exterior which gives such a flattering effect.
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