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August 18, 2015

I was just introduced to a new fashion app called ‘PickMy Style’ and I thought ‘ Wow, a new fashion app. I’m always up for that.’ I mean I have accounts on literally all the existing ones or I am stalking them anonymously anyway. (same thing right?) I decided to download it on my phone since it finally has an iPhone app now and thought I’d post a picture and see how it works. This one’s for all the ladies suffering from the ‘I have too many clothes but nothing to wear’ situation including myself.

What they say: With the new fashion app “PICK MY STYLE”, the world becomes your style advisor. How does this outfit look? Which shoes are better? Is this bag worth buying? These are classic questions many of us face everyday (guilty!). Pick My STYLE is a heaven sent app that makes answering these questions exciting and more fun than ever.

My Take On It: This app seems like a good solution to shopping woes especially when you are out there alone in a massive store with too many options and no partner to help you. Or if you need to be somewhere in under 20 mins with no pre decided outfit and need someone to make a quick decision for you. The people on the app are just normal fashion obsessed girls like you and me and it forms a nice little helping community from all around the world. You can post your own clothes, snippets from the store or even an online directory and you will have people voting on your looks within minutes.

It’s like everyone on the website can see the same, giant Instagram feed and like Facebook with a Dislike and Like Button. You have two main layouts for posting your pictures. 1- A Single outfit or accessory with a ‘Pick This’ and ‘Kick This’ button and as people get voting you can see what percentage of people support your outfit or don’t. 2- Style Vs Style to compare two outfits of similar nature, two dresses of different colours or even two completely different trends of the same season. For example, I posted two new fall dresses from Anthropologie because I didn’t know how to decide which trend would be a better option for the upcoming fall season.

1.  Quick response from people. I wasn’t expecting to get votes as quickly as I did because I had just joined but it doesn’t have a follow/unfollow system so no one is more popular than the other.
2.  Very sleek and minimal design and easy to navigate.
3. It has a save option which directly saves outfits for inspiration on your profile in a separate folder.
4. You get opinions from a wide range of people so it makes it more interesting and global. 
5.A great app for days when you are so bored or on the train/car and want to check something out and give your fashion opinion.

1.No Notifications bar so you don’t really know who is picking/kicking your outfit and when. In order to find the final verdict of your question you will have to constantly check your profile page.There are push notifications when you've got a certain number of votes but I tend to forget those or they get deleted.
2. You can’t visit other profiles or see their inspirations. It is more of a personal app, not much of a social media app.
3.The feed progresses smoothly and after every 5-10 mins I saw a new outfit had been posted. I assume that’s because there are fewer members now than on more popular fashion apps. I’m not sure how one common feed will be managed when more people get on the app because the pictures will get uploaded way faster than people can keep up with.

     Rating : 3/5.
     If you think it looks interesting, give it a try and see for yourself how you get along with the app.
     Pick My Style is available for download at the:


  1. This is a cool concept. Thanks for clearing it up for us.

    Marina x | Marina-Simone

  2. I love the concept of this, although the no notifications thing would annoy me!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Really love your post ! xo
    Can we follow each other ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

    BLOG | GorisHelena


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