Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Colours Review & Swatches

November 29, 2015

Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Colore
Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Colores
Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Polishes
I have added these new nail polishes to my vanity lately and I've been dying to talk about them. They are the Deborah Milano Gel effect Colore Extra Brilliante nail polishes. I got a little set of three because I found them with this cute little coin purse( which my Mom loves so I gladly gave it to her). What it basically says on their website is they are "Formulated for rich, full, even colour and a dazzlingly glossy finish, the product provides perfect coverage and a volumising “gel like” surface – without using UV light. Results? A picture-perfect high-gloss manicure that can be achieved effortlessly, from the comfort of home."
Let's be honest, I'm very lazy most of the time to go get a gel manicure done at the salon and I'll be happy enough to get a substitute at a lower cost that can be done without leaving the comfort of home(Hell, yes!). That being said, I don't think it can be actually compared to a salon gel manicure as it is with most drugstore products but it can come close and gets the job done much nicer than other normal nail polishes out there.
The finish, it's very glossy as promised and I think that's the main factor that drew me to these 8.5ml bottles. The set has 1 matte Pink shade , no. 22 and two shimmery ones - a red, no.08 and a gold, no.05. I was pleased with the glossiness of both, the matte and the shimmers. I'm usually fond of creamy mattes but I couldn't resist the festive red and gold combination for this time of the year. I think I'll be painting my nails many times with them in the coming month. The pink one can be a nice passover for the Spring of 16'. 
The brush is really thick and flat which is the just the kind I like because it completely coats a nail in one or two ( maximum) strokes. Thinner brushes are the main reason for making my nail polish so strokey. The formula is very thin and gel like as described which I was really impressed with. The nail polish applies very smoothly without any dents, uneven strokes etc. My nails dried under a minute which was fabulous and can only be achieved with those quick drying versions. It's thin but opaque and so that I only needed one coat for the Pink and the Red one but I went ahead and did two coats anyway for the added shine. The Gold No 5 though is not very pigmented and I think I could've done three coats to make it look a little bit more even. 
The staying power on these are not that great and I can see why that would be a real blow for some people because these chipped on me in 5 days. I'm sure some of you go out and get a gel manicure only so that you don't have to worry about them for a long time. However, I think I like to change up my nail polish every 5-6 days anyway or just leave them bare for them to naturally recover from all the chemicals and staining. I'm also really paranoid of using UV light on my skin even if it's for a very limited amount of time, it still bothers me. I would definitely go get more colours of these because I love the application, the formula and the fact that is so quick drying. 

Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Colour in 22
Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Polish in 05
Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Polish in 08
Price - Rs 395 / £5.60
Rating - 3.9/ 5


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  2. Pretty colors! I like the red one, it's not too bright :)


    1. Yeah the red one has a sheen and quite festive but not sparkly xx

  3. Such a nice selection of festive shades! Love the gold especially :)



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