No Bake Candy Cane Truffles Recipe

December 24, 2015

Good evening!
I have a surprise recipe post on the blog, something I've never experimented with before on here. Here are some 'No Bake' last minute Candy Cane truffles and as the name suggests they are coated with white chocolate and with an added minty peppermint taste. These are the perfect little sweets to nibble on during Chritsmas, when you have guests over or simply because you're craving something sweet. They are really easy to make, not too expensive and you can get loads of them made without losing time in baking, cooling and the whole process. Of course you can always buy truffles from the store, but this one's a fun recipe to make alone or with someone.
1. Add the flour, cake mix, sugar, butter, salt and vanilla/peppermint extract to a bowl and mix them together with a spoon.(You can also melt candy canes and use instead of peppermint extract if you want.) As it starts to form a dough like texture, use your hands to knead the dough well. Take your time with this step because it's what it'll make or break the taste of your truffles. 
2. Make little truffle balls from the dough and keep them in the fridge to cool for 45 minutes.
3. Once they are cooled in the fridge and hardened, heat up your white chocolate by placing it in a bowl over a pan of water at medium heat on your gas. Keep stirring the chopped chocolate till it melts completely.
4.Pop in the balls one by one and cover them generously in the white chocolate. Pick them up with a teaspoon and keep them on a separate plate quickly before the white chocolate layer hardens on it.
5.Put all your truffles in little truffle cases from your local departmental store and sprinkle some crushed candy cane on top for some added minty taste!
I kept them in the fridge for another 10-15 minutes so that they completely harden with the white chocolate and then you're done!! Enjoy!

Red Suede Pinafore

December 21, 2015

Red Suede Pinafore Playsuit
Red Suede Pinafore Playsuit
I feel like Red Suede is so underated as I've been mostly seeing it's mustard and brown variants in most stores but I couldn't help myself when I saw this pretty suede pinafore dress with the seventies style pockets and all that jazz. The fact that it's a playsuit makes it even more jazzier because it is so comfortable without having to worry about anything. I like to call them 'socially acceptable onesies' and that only explains why I need more of them in my wardrobe. I've paired it with my MISS SELFRIDGE ribbed, roll neck jumper which is probably the one thing that can look good on anybody. I'm so glad they're back in fashion! This outfit was made for a cold and windy December's day so I had my trusty opaque tights on with some black loafers and a matching black satchel both from FOREVER 21. I think investing in a Red suede piece be it a skirt, pants or even a pinafore dress is so appropriate for those who like transitional outfits because this shade of rusty red can be totally carried forward to summer sans the tights and maybe some platform sandals? I'll be letting you know if that turns out well.
Red Suede Dungaree Dress
Mountains Nature Photogrpahy
Red Suede Playsuit
(Red Suede Pinafore/Playsuit : Mod Dolly(Similar)| White Roll Neck Jumper : Forever 21 (Similar)| Black Satchel Bag: River Island (Similar)| Black Loafers: Lavish Alice (Similar))
red seventies playsuit dress
Nature Photography
Seventies Playsuit
Black Satchel Bag

The Party Edit

December 14, 2015

Hello lovely people!
I am bringing to you a little Christmas/ New Year's Party attire ideas. The inspiration behind this post is the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe except it's the Party edition! I've a got a couple of dress/outfits rounded up of different styles and colours, sticking to the basic party colours that I personally prefer - Black, Gold and anything with a little bit of sparkle. There's a whole list of shoes and accessories to go with them and the whole idea is to make them interchangeable where the dresses can be paired with more than one pair of bags & accessories set out for them. I hope you enjoy reading this!
New Year's Party Dresses1.Long Sleeve Cut Out Bodycon Dress | 2.Brocade Shift Dress | 3.Black Vintage Inspired Mini Dress| 4. Silver Metallic & Black Cape Blazer and Silver Metallic & Black Shorts | 5. TFNC Two Layer Dress.| 6.Black plunge Fluted Sleeve Dress.|
1. Jeffrey Campbell Perforated Star Lace up Sandals |2. Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Clutch |3. Fashion Union Stud Detail Heels |4. Lipsy Faux Fur Crossbody| 5. Fashion Union Fringe Heels | 6. Ollie and Nick Valerie Shoulder Bag |7. Cleo High Leg Sandal | 8. Biba Deco Box Clutch |9.Circus by Sam Edelman Boots |

Fuzzy and Pink

December 9, 2015

Fuzzy Pink Jumper and Baroque Pants
I've been enjoying the cold weather in the Himalayas for the past two weeks only because it's still autumnal( or I like to believe so) and not nearly as cold at all. The weather outside is really pleasant and a easy breezy but there's no way I can put on this Fuzzy Pink Jumper from DOROTHY PERKINS yet. I can't wait to put this on, come December/January when it is going to be finally acceptable to put it on. It's honestly the softies, loveliest and the fuzziest jumper I own and what's better about it, it's pink! I was definitely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and Chanel Oberlin for this outfit because they do their fur coats and fuzzies so well.
The one solid colour jumper goes perfectly with this Baroque print pants from last year(when it was actually very trendy) and everyone was wearing a pair. I personally can't really be too bothered with the trends all the time so I had to get this one out of the closet and my trusty black boots from FOREVR21 to go with them. This one's a way to dress down fur coats and fuzzy jumpers for the daytime or a casual, chill day where all I did was admire the mountains and drink a lot of tea.
Himalayan Photography
Fluffy Pink Jumper and Baroque Pants
Fuzzy Pink Jumper - Dorothy Perkins(Similar) | Baroque Print Pants - Last Year ( Similar in Dogtooth pattern) | Black Boots - Forever 21 ( Similar)
Fluffy Pink Jumper
Mountains nature photography
Fuzzy and Pink winter outfit
Black Boots

TV Shows that got cancelled too soon

December 3, 2015

TV shows I used to love
Photography by Jamieanne via Flickr
This one’s a little tribute all the lovely shows I started watching one fine day, developed an interest and what do you know? A few seasons later it has been cancelled with no reason and explanation. The show comes abruptly to an end with no explanation whatsoever leaving burning questions on my mind. Did my favourite character ever decide to go back home? Did they have more kids? and the likes. Some hearts are shattered, some tears are shed(as they make their parting episode extra emotional) and then we literally move onto the next because of the emptiness every Tuesday night. Some of these shows are easily forgotten and not heard of again(not even reruns?).This list spans over a couple of years so it starts from back when I was only 15 to the current year. 

#1 Hart of Dixie – 
This one goes first on the list because the setting was perfect and the happiest, fuzziest thing to me. It was a show set in a country town ( Southern U.S.A) called Bluebell where everyone had the best country style honestly and their accents were to die for. The ladies were primed, perfect and poised and the men so hot and the strong kind who can possibly rodeo for real( or at least look like they do). They always had so many festivals and events and those people sure took their town seriously and it was the sweetest community I’ve ever seen on a show. They did have their ocassional funny punches and of course, Rachel Bilson’s outfits were to die for, who is actually a doctor on the show and comes to Bluebell from New York and stands out from everyone else. It has been cancelled after four seasons but honestly I’d re-watch them only for it’s cheesy and perfect at it.

#2 Bunheads – 
This one was  shocker because it  had one of those abrupt endings  and it seemed like the writers weren’t expecting it to be cancelled and bam, it disappears with no clear goodbye said. This one only ran for one season which breaks my heart because I think it had the potential to be a good show in the future. This one was based around a Las Vegas performer(Sutton Foster) who marries a guy while she is drunk, who in turn introduces her to his mother, a very famous ballet dancer in the past who runs a little ballet training class. She expresses her old love for ballet and becomes a mentor for all the little ballet-loving, inspiring high school girls of the town and their relationship develop into a sweet and loving one. They also throw in some great ballet performances and it’s sad to know that we never really come to know exactly how Michelle’s life turned out.
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