Red Suede Pinafore

December 21, 2015

Red Suede Pinafore Playsuit
Red Suede Pinafore Playsuit
I feel like Red Suede is so underated as I've been mostly seeing it's mustard and brown variants in most stores but I couldn't help myself when I saw this pretty suede pinafore dress with the seventies style pockets and all that jazz. The fact that it's a playsuit makes it even more jazzier because it is so comfortable without having to worry about anything. I like to call them 'socially acceptable onesies' and that only explains why I need more of them in my wardrobe. I've paired it with my MISS SELFRIDGE ribbed, roll neck jumper which is probably the one thing that can look good on anybody. I'm so glad they're back in fashion! This outfit was made for a cold and windy December's day so I had my trusty opaque tights on with some black loafers and a matching black satchel both from FOREVER 21. I think investing in a Red suede piece be it a skirt, pants or even a pinafore dress is so appropriate for those who like transitional outfits because this shade of rusty red can be totally carried forward to summer sans the tights and maybe some platform sandals? I'll be letting you know if that turns out well.
Red Suede Dungaree Dress
Mountains Nature Photogrpahy
Red Suede Playsuit
(Red Suede Pinafore/Playsuit : Mod Dolly(Similar)| White Roll Neck Jumper : Forever 21 (Similar)| Black Satchel Bag: River Island (Similar)| Black Loafers: Lavish Alice (Similar))
red seventies playsuit dress
Nature Photography
Seventies Playsuit
Black Satchel Bag


  1. I don't think I've ever seen red suede before but now I have I feel like I'm missing out. You look amazing!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. It's definitely something different to consider for this time of the year xx Thank you!

  2. That red suede is interesting and looks good on you! xxx

  3. happy new year from Greece

  4. So lovely dress and also i like the color


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