Utility Vest & White Dress

January 27, 2016

Utility Vest and White Dress outfit
Green Military Vest Jacket
It's quite nice that we've been having some pleasant winter days rather than cold that would require donning chunky coats and jackets. I was able to get away with a feathered, white dress and showing some legs which is so beautiful and classy and I can imagine this piece being relevant in my collection even seasons later. I prefer medium-long sleeved clothing anyway and this one's got some medium sized sleeves with the most intricate detailed designs on them. I like the whole idea of an item being really dainty that can only be appreciated from up close. That says a lot about my personal style, because I tend to pick up pieces which are more detailed than they appear.
I layered it with my utility green vest and that's all I needed to get me covered and snug against the cold winds blowing. The shoes I've got on with this outfit, are a new favourite. These 70's Block Heels with ankle straps(or as I like to call them 'elf shoes') was a Christmas gift and I couldn't have been more happy with these. It has a crocodile patterned burgundy faux leather which ends in a nice, long point. I always prefer flats over high heels and the only times that I do wear heels I like to opt for blocks and platforms, however these ones are so lightweight that it almost didn't feel like I was wearing a good chunky heel at all. Now, that would be perceived in different ways by people when determining it's quality, but it gets a big thumbs up from me. It's something I can actually walk miles into the sunset. Hurray!
Pink Bougainvillea
Green Military Vest and Lace Dress
Get The Look: White Feather Lace Dress : Vila(Here) | Green Utility Vest : Old Navy (Here) | 70's Pointed Ankle Block Heels: New Look (Here) | Black Quilted Clutch: Forever 21(Here) |

Born Pretty Store Pink Brush Set Review

January 21, 2016

Born Pretty Store 4 Pcs Brush Set Review
Hello there lovely people!
I have been eagerly waiting to talk about these pretty, pastel pink brushes from Born Pretty Store. It's a little place on the internet that sells cute and kawaii asian makeup products and accessories and the best part about it is it ships worldwide for free. Which beauty lover doesn't love some free shipping? Trying makeup from brands you have probably never heard before can be a little intimidating and that's why I thought I'd start off with makeup brushes because they're the safest bet!
This 4 pc Portable Makeup Brush Set* costs an extremely modest $3.99 which I think was a pretty good price for these. These nylon(they just look like duo-fibre) brush set comes with :
  • 1Pc Cuspidal Head Brush
  • 1Pc Round Head Brush
  • 1Pc Flat Head Brush
  • 1Pc Oblique Head Brush

Born Pretty Store Brush Set Review
Now although they are marketed as highlight/contour brushes on their website, I feel like they can be of multiple uses. The pointed tip brush can be used to deepen up the crease or outer corner with eyeshadow as it picks up a lot of product. The round top one can be used for blending eye shadows and I think I've been using that one the most out of the set and it does a pretty decent job. The flat head and oblique brushes pick up much lesser product than the first two so they are perfect for highlighting/contour or even concealer blending, anything you don't want to go overboard with. These little brushes are so light and travel friendly. The quality is comparable to it's price and I feel like they're not scratchy at all which has been my major concern with a lot of drugstore brushes up till now. So they get a big thumbs up for me( extra points for being pink, of course)
Pink Makeup Brush Set
If you are interested in trying these brushes out or any other products from the website like their brush cleaning eggs(the cutest ones I've seen so far) use my coupon code MTH10 for 10% off your order.

Gingham Checks and Grey Sweatshirt

January 16, 2016

Grey Gingham and Sweatshirt Outfit
Bullet Choker Necklace
I still can't believe that we have slid into 2016 already and this is going to be my first fashion post of the year. I thought I couldn't start it off better without my most loved comfy side of my wardrobe where loose fits, oversized items, sweatshirts and stripe tops all come together. So this particular grey sweatshirt from FOREVER21 is incredibly comfy but not entirely a winter sweatshirt. It doesn't make you feel very warm but definitely can be layered up with coats and jackets. I prefer that over really warm sweatshirts because the weather can be really erratic here. It can be really pleasant with no cold at all and there could be sudden cold winds chilling you to the bone. This one's perfect for any kind of weather. The little red and cream accent collar gives it a cute vintage look. 
Now onto the pants, the Gingham print is something I wouldn't mind having every type of clothing in. So to find these really well fitted, high waisted gingham print cropped pants from MISS SELFRIDGE was wonderful. I have never owned anything in grey gingham up to this point so I hadn't discovered the whole illusion of wearing white pants that these give when seen from a distance. They fit well, feel good and are absolutely great for 'I don't want to wear jeans' days. To add back some colour into this monochrome look, I got out this cute Burgundy cross body bag which definitely fits more than it looks like it can and some burgundy lips to go with it. The dark lip and winged liner looks great with my grunge choker necklaces as well!

Autumn/Winter Drugstore Lipsticks

January 7, 2016

Autumn Winter Drugstore Lipsticks
I think it's about time I talk about my favourite drugstore autumn/winter lipsticks. I've tried and tested them over the last few months and I've picked out the ones I've been using every time I do my makeup. I generally love warmer tones on my lips and come autumn, I am already excited and over the moon. I go ahead and buy a ton of lipsticks even if I own the same shades from before but what matters to me more than the shade is the texture and feel of the lipstick on my lips.
Autumn Winter Drugstore Lipstick Favourites
Let me start with the lightest in the group - Amazing Lipstick in 'Treat' by a very loved brand, Makeup Revolution because their products look and feel like they're very good quality. I've only just discovered about the buzz around this lipstick being a very popular 'my lips but better' shade and I can't believe I'm only just catching up because this one's become a pretty much everyday shade for me. It's also a very medium nude shade, not too light or too browny. It reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's Kissing Lipstick in Stone Rose. I don't own the lipstick but I've seen the swatches and people wearing it and it looks quite similar to me.
Next up is an old favourite and it's one of those that I repurchased when I lost my first tube. That's a rare thing for me to do with makeup because I generally like to try new things and very rarely repurchase lipsticks. It's Revlon's Colorburst Lipstick in Peach. I've had this one for a long time now and I whip it out every autumn because it's one of those throwback peachy shimmer shades from the 90's(Think Britney Spears in 'Oops I did it again'). I feel like it's the perfect peachy/orange toned lipstick I've tried and the shimmer is actually very fine and not as evident as it looks in the tube. It is a subtle way to try out the frosted lipstick trend again.
Autumn Winter Drugstore Lipstick Favourites
Third one's Makeup Revolution's Lip Hug in Saviour will come. This is a beautiful rust shade lipstick and although I'm a big fan of rust colours in clothing and makeup what sold me on this lipstick is how moisturising it is! It honestly feels like a lip balm on my lips but has the colour payoff of a lipstick and does it's job damn well at that. It tends to move and disappear after a few hours of eating and drinking but I think it's perfect if you have super dry lips in the drier months and can't handle glosses. It has a slight sheen texture but it's not overly glossy. I can't wait to own more pretty shades of these Lip Hugs.
The last and darkest shade of all is Maybelline's Color Sensational in Wine Festival which as described is a beautiful deep burgundy shade. It is completely matte, quite wearable on the lips and stays on for a good amount of time. I've worn it in quite a few of my outfit posts as well because it's such a nice, statement lip without being the traditional red.
Autumn Winter Drugstore Lipstick Swatches
(L-R - Makeup Revolution Treat, Revlon Colorburst Peach, Makeup Revoulution Saviour Will Come, Maybelline Color Sensational Wine Festival.)

2015 Outfit Recap and Outtakes

January 3, 2016

Twenty Fifteen has been quite a year for me. It was full of emotions, realizations, breakdowns and all that good stuff. To be honest, that's pretty much every year but what makes this one special? Firstly it was my first year of blogging and that has made all the difference. I never imagined being a blogger or even carrying on such a hobby for long but it has been rewarding and quite interesting to delve further into the blogging world which I knew nothing about when I started. I wasn't an avid reader of blogs, I had a few favourites and I stuck to them.
Over the year, I've discovered so many different bloggers who have been inspiring and entertaining as well and it has made me really fond of the whole global community that we have got going for us. It has inspired me to push my horizons so much. From being a camera shy person to a fashion blogger and putting it in front of so many people has been quite a task and it has taken some mental convincing. I have still have my awkward moments in the photographs but it's not been anything that I'm embarrassed of. Rather, I've been quite proud of everything I'm stepping into!
2015 Outfit Recap and Outtakes
(From left to right, Top to bottom: 90's Vibe, Bretons & White Denim, Mornin' Sunshine, Dreamin' of Paradise, Thor Almighty, Plaid and Bling, Birthday Brunch, 70's Lace and Denim, Fuzzy and Pink, Red Suede Pinafore)
I've learnt so much about photography in the past year that I hadn't even wondered about in the past, despite owning a Canon. It has been interesting to learn the art of posing, clicking and editing photos which are not easy by any means and being dedicated towards something like that has made me much more confident about life in general. On the personal front, I won't say it was an easy year to deal with but it came with it's lessons. Firstly, I chopped off 6-8 inches of my hair this year and decided to go short and I learnt to fall in love with short hair and now I absolutely can't dream of growing it again yet. Here's a picture of me one year ago with long hair.
I had a tough year at University, lost and made some friends, learnt about my priorities and also who makes me feel good and who does not. I met someone really special in this year (more like towards the end of 2014) but our relationship has been entirely in this year. It has been a wonderful feeling to find someone who is exactly 47% like you which he likes to put it as the perfect amount.There was some travelling to the Himalayas for about 2 weeks which was a really peaceful journey after a long,tiring year. It has been a great year and a great start to blogging for me. Here's some blogging outtakes below for you to enjoy because these pictures are golden to me, Haha! How has your year been?
From left to right, top to bottom:
1. My hair has a mind of it's own.
2. "Say What?"
3. The Smug Face
4. Crazy Grudge Lady Look.
5."My face hurts, can I stop pouting now?"
6. The Signature Bitch Face.

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