Giveaway: Kawaii Stationary from Blippo (Open Internationally)

February 21, 2016

Hey everyone,
I have some very exciting news for you today. I'm going to be giving away some adorable stationary bits from Blippo. I'm a huge lover of stationary and if you have seen my Stationary haul, you'll know how much I love collecting Asian stationary. A lot of you said you enjoyed buying stationary as well so I am going to be giving away all the 4 items I received from Blippo in my previous post. They will be brand new and will be ordered for you from Blippo. Enter below if you would like to win - Pegasus Pen , Chocolate Mirror & CombAnime Note Stickers and Blue Kawaii Pill Box. Complete as many/all tasks in the widget to make your chances of winning even better. The winner will be contacted by me within a week of the end date of the giveaway that is 20th March,2016
Good luck!

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Thoughts on PLL:Five Years Later

February 17, 2016

Photography by Thomas Hawk

Pretty Little Liars is one of the few shows I’ve diligently watched from the start of Season one up to this point and still haven’t given up on it like a lot of other shows. It had a much awaited five year leap from where they left us in Season 6 mid-season finale and came back on air a couple of weeks ago. I meant to write a post about it before but I thought I’d wait, because their first episode back wasn’t very clear as to what direction this show was taking or how the characters had evolved. Now that I’ve watched this week’s episode and I’ve got a grip on what’s going on and what the girls have been up to, here are some thoughts I’ve been gushing over from the last few episodes. (If you haven’t already caught up with the show, I would recommend bookmarking this and coming back later so we can have a chat)

1.Hannah has a rock on her finger and we’ve known this a long time since abcfamily announced it but I wasn’t expecting a seriously hot man with an accent different from hers and who is also the definition of perfect. To be fair, she always had expensive taste.

2.Spencer has bangs and when I saw her in the promo for the five year leap, I hated it. Now I feel like I’m getting accustomed to them and they might just look really chic with her vintage style. Also, I found this chic picture of her in an Audrey inspired hairstyle.(How cute is it?)

3.There might just be some Ezria sparks still flying in the air although she has the cutest nerd man back in Cambridge. I am quite hopeful about the duo getting back together eventually. They were the ‘rock’ couple of the show.

4.The girls are still carrying a lot of secrets and Alison has really less screen time even after her sister dying. We can barely get a good look at her hubby and that just doesn’t seem like who Alison used to be. She was the one who would be showing off her man every second she could.

5.I really hope Mona and Sara Harvey have nothing to do with the new A team. We need a new mystery and some more drama. I’m thinking more on the lines of suspicious Mr Rollins.

6.Melissa is back in town and that almost always means there’s going to be some bad news.

7.It is still unsettling for me to think that Spencer would be the one to break The Universal Girl Code and the fact that Hannah looks very uncomfortable about it.

8.The New A is definitely a hipster. He/She has a Crosley Record Player and that’s enough reason for me to believe that their setup is Instagrammable.

9.Mona is back to her Season one sassy self when she has the scene with Caleb (Who kisses better? Hannah, Spencer or me?) which I quite like more than the drugged and crazy Mona.

(Updated after the Season Finale)
10. The little Haleb moment right when we were warming up to the idea of Caleb and Spencer was so shocking. I was taken aback to be honest.

11. Well, I guessed one thing right, Mr Rollins isn't what he seems like and poor Allison. I actually  feel bad for her because she has truly become a good person now. Also, How many lovers did Cece have?

12. Someone I wasn't expecting to show up on this season is Allison's mom but she also goes by the name of Cece's birth mom? What is going on! There are a lot of twin theories floating on the internet but I don't if the writers of the show would be going that way or no. They always seem to take an unexpected turn. I'm also thinking a personality disorder.

Are you all caught up with Pretty Little Liars Season 6? What did you think of them?

Alternative Love Playlist

February 10, 2016

Alternative Love Songs Playlist for Valentine's Day
Photograph by Risa Ikeda via Flickr

I have to agree I'm not one of those who are big into giving gifts on Valentine's day to my significant other. However, I like celebrating in small ways like having a meal together, going on a long walk along the beach etc. Well to a music lover, nothing screams more romantic than a mixtape of some love songs for him/her. While I will forever be in love with songs like 'Lucky' and 'Love Story', here's some love songs with an alternative vibe to them. There are songs like 'Your Call' - a song I have loved and associated with the feeling of falling in love since high school. 'Rainy Day' which is a very very rare song that I've had the luck of coming across because it went viral on soundcloud and I happen to be using the website a lot that time as well. I'll link their Youtube Video here if you want to have a look. I hope they get more support and keep making more music. There's also well loved tracks from Paramore and Ed Sheeran which I think soothes my mind every time I listen to them(even if it's the 100th time). I hope you enjoy this!

1. Your Call - Secondhand Serenade
2. Every Night - Imagine Dragons
3.Half of my Heart - John Mayer
4. Fallen From The Sky - Glen Hansard
5. We Belong - Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine
6.English Rose - Ed Sheeran.
7.If I Should Go Before You - City and Colour
8. Falling in Love - McFly
9.The Only Exception - Paramore.
10. Rainy Day - Smokey House.
11. Sweet Avenue - Jets to Brazil.

Mixiu Powder Blush Review

February 4, 2016

Mixiu Blush Review
Mixiu Modified Blush Review
Mixiu Modified Packaging
If you've seen my post about Born Pretty Store a week or so ago, you'd know that I reviewed their brush set and I really loved them. So, I decided to delve into some makeup from them. I love that they always have so many unique items to choose from that you've probably never seen before. I came across this 'Mixiu Powder Blush*' in Shade #2.
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