Winter Favourites

March 21, 2016

Winter favourites 2016

Hello there! Are you as excited for Spring/Summer as I am? That also means I need to put together a post of everything that I loved in the past winter season- my favourites and my must haves. So let's get started.
1. Fashion:
Roll- necks were all over the stores this past winter season and I loved indulging in them. I have a few Mock neck tops and such but I didn't shy away from wearing full turtle necks because they were extremely comfortable and kept me warm even when I went away on a winter trip to the mountains! My favourite one to wear was this Cream Roll Neck by Miss Selfridge which is also a little cropped style and looks great with some high waisted jeans/pants and also with coats and cardigans over it.It is is a tight fitted one and I enjoyed it a little bit more than the slouchy roll necks trend because I wasn't sure if those were for me. Next up, is my trusty black beanie which I've had for a while now but I love how it's not too warm so I can easily wear it while transitioning from one season to another and also keeps my hair protected from the wind.
Makeup favourites in 2015
2. Makeup:
My go-to everyday contour and highlight palette was this Baked and Bronze Palette by Freedom Makeup because of the number of versatile highlight shades it has. I was mainly into highlighting in the colder season to keep my skin looking glowy everytime it got a bit dull.The Essence Silky Touch Blush in Kissable(70) was a great berry tone for my skin, it brightened my face up and I love how nice and blendable it is despite the low price tag. My all time favourite foundation for the last couple of months has been the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation! I am utterly in love with this foundation because I believe I've found my perfect shade and finish in this range. It is not a full coverage foundation and I can see why it's not for everyone. If you're anything like me and love the natural finish and sheer to medium coverage, I think you would love it. It has great staying power too! Keeps my makeup on for a good 8-10 hours and I have combination skin so it keeps looking great on my skin. I've been hearing that it's going to be discontinued soon and that breaks my heart but it isn't going to stop me from stocking up another bottle at least!

How to Spot Frenemies

March 14, 2016

Photograph by migszxc via Flickr
Hi there! I have a chatty, experience type of post up today and I want to talk about a topic that has troubled me practically all through my teenage and adult life. Frenemies or friends who secretly are your enemies. They are everywhere and always heard of in female friendships and groups. Oddly enough most guys have possibly never experienced this whole feeling and I’d say that’s one thing I like about guy friendships. However, us girls - we are way more complicated, emotional and like to take things to the next level( well, most of us). So I thought I’d share with you some recurring signs of a frenemy and how to identify such a person.
1. They always seem to be in a bad mood when everyone else is talking to you more than they are talking to that person.
2. They don’t include you in gossip and secrets they share with others. However, they do make their own secrets with you about other friends in the group behind their back.
3. Whenever you do talk to them, the entire conversation is usually about them.
4. If you try to change the topic and talk about something you like, you are abruptly interrupted.
5. If you succeed in something or have made an achievement and tell them about it, they have a deadly scowl on their faces.
6. They will go on to say that oh “ I once did this and achieved this” making it sound like yours was a no big deal.
7. They have a whole bunch of sarcastic remarks about everything you have to say and pretend to be “just kidding”.
8. They always ditch your plans and only show up when their plan is accepted by everyone.
9. They will force you into doing something you’d rather not only to remind of “that one time you…” all the time.

Freedom Pro Decadence Eye Shadow Palette Review

March 7, 2016

Freedom Makeup Decadence Palette Review
Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Palette Review
Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Palette
I have been obsessed with Freedom Makeup all year ever since they launched their extremely high quality drugstore products. I've tried their mono eye shadows before and I wasn't too impressed like I was with their blushes. However, I decided to give their eye shadows another go. It was only right that I got my hands on their Pro Decadence Palette which is basically neural heaven and the cost is heavenly too. This one took away any inhibitions I had about their eye shadows because the minute I used these lovely, blendable shadows I fell in love with them. There are 20 shades (TWENTY?! for £6) and all of them are wearable nudes and great for everyday makeup looks. They have everything I love in a palette. They have a great shade range, so many options for bases, crease colours and outer corner colours and a good mix of mattes and shimmers.

Pussybow Tunic with Ripped Leggings

March 2, 2016

Pussybow tunic with ripped knee leggings
Emerald green pussybow blouse with beanie
I can already see shops being filled up with new Spring/summer pieces and the runways are blooming with colourful and fun pieces. I'm still keeping it simple, dark and winter inspired though for another month or so till I can hit the spring bandwagon. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who is still feeling the burgundies and deep greens. I have been loving the Pussybow blouse trend from the past few months and I've got a few pieces in that style, but I'm particularly in love with this emerald green pussybow shirt dress which can totally double as a dress or as a tunic like I've been wearing it. It is quite flowy and oversized on it's own but when added a belt to cinch in the waist, it looks like a perfect fit.
Paired with some ripped knee grey leggings which are comfy with little minimal rips at the knees. They are made of jersey material so it kept me warm all day. For shoes, I went for my trusty, classic, black ballet flats which I tend to repurchase so many times every few months and over the years. It is still my favourite kind of shoes to wear. I had my beanie on to protect my hair from the winds and a little grey, chevron print sling bag that was lying in my wardrobe for quite some time now and it coordinated perfectly with the leggings and the look. I'm one of those people who actually encourage fashion hoarding because you never know what piece will work out great with an outfit you're about to style today. I'm loving this look because it's so easy to thrown on, and comfortable for long days without having to go down the denim road. I spent a good two hours thrift shopping in this! What is your go to winter outfit?
Pussybow shirt dress winter outfit
(Pussybow Shirt Dress: Forever 21(Similar) | Ripped Knee Leggings : Boohoo (Similar) | Classic Ballet Flats : Forever 21, Grey Chevron Bag: Dorothy Perkins (Similar) | Brown Belt : Vintage (Similar) | Black Beanie : New Look(Similar) )
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