My Netflix Addiction

April 29, 2016

With my internship having ended this month and no university work for a couple of weeks, I’ve gotten really addicted to Netflix. There are just so many shows I’ve been binge watching whenever I get the time and what I’m mostly into are Netflix originals aka shows that haven’t been aired on normal television. I thought this would be a nice way for you guys to watch some new shows if you haven’t already or if you've been watching the same ones, we can discuss our favourite moments in the comments below!

1.Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt: This one’s a huge show on Netflix right now and I’m quite sure if you stalk Netflix constantly, you have either watched the show or thought about it. It’s one of Tina Fey’s creations and that’s what drew me to it first but Two seasons later, I’m absolutely in love with it. I’ve missed having a goofy, innocent comedy on television which has not a lot to do with realities of life. Kimmy has the perfectly not-so-normal life and the most interesting characters as her friends which makes the show so entertaining.

2.LOVE: A very real and modern take on today’s relationships with added humour and crazy moments. Mickey’s ( Gillian Jacobs) character is just hilarious with her failed relationships, lifestyle and addictions. She is a very real character who is full of flaws yet makes it easy for us to fall in love with her. (Also, her style is just so on point.) I really like her style/stylist on the show. The best part about this show is it’s not predictable at all. Especially the dynamics between Mickey and the main character Gus, a nice guy as people like to think of him.

3.Open Heart: This isn’t a new show and I realized it’s not an original a few weeks after actually watching the series. It has aired on Nick before but I didn’t think of it to be very childish or anything. It’s a teen drama alright but it’s a teen medical/family drama and it’s a lot darker than any of the other teen drama shows I’ve watched before. It’s about a girl trying to solve the mystery about her missing father who has disappeared without any letter and her family is acting quite suspiciously unbothered about it. This has only one season and it’s quite different in the sense that the actors are all new and there’s no news about the second season yet but I hope they do come up with one because the ending was a cliffhanger.

Spring is in!

April 22, 2016

I almost refrained from using the title "Cardigans out, Spring is in!" and now I don't know if I should have. However, that doesn't change the main theme of this post. It's true, it's really hot outside and I'd say it's summer already and I have got my favourite uniform out. Running errands? Going to the mall? Going to the movies? Nothing to wear? I always reach for this outfit! I do understand why. It fits perfectly, it goes with any accessories I want to pair it with and most important of all it feels light and airy. A black and white classic striped Tshirt ( this one is in one of my favourite styles - The Mock neck), a pair of light wash/acid wash ripped jeans, Black ballet flats that I wear to death and some bright lipstick. While it gets hot by the time the clock strikes midday, it's time to pack up my cardigans/jacket whatever I'm carrying and the easiest way to make it fit into my uniform is tie it around my waist in a knot for an effortless look.
Also, I think it's extremely helpful if you're about to step into an extra cold movie theatre, or it's getting chilly at night, to throw it back on and still feel like you've put an effort into your outfit(ha!) It's always nice when you can coordinate your lipstick with your outerwear. It doesn't happen always but it works out sometimes for me.If you're wondering about this lip colour, it's the one from my previous post and as I have already raved about it enough on that one, I'll just say it's pretty much an obsession on a budget.
Black and White Striped Tshirt & Ballet Flats
(Striped Tshirt - Dorothy Perkins),Ripped Knee Jeans- New Look (Similar HERE) ,Black Ballet Flats - Forever 21(HERE & HERE), Bright Orange Cardigan - Old,(Similar HERE),  Black Bucket bag- (Similar HERE & HERE)

Spring Duo from Maybelline

April 19, 2016

Hi there,
There are two new products, both from Maybelline that I recently bought for Spring and absolutely surprised/ in love with them so I thought I need to make a post telling you all about them. Now since Spring is upon us, I was scouting for some pastels and reds for lips and nails. I finally settled on this Bold Matte Lipstick in No 4 and a Colorshow Nail polish in Coral Craze. Since I'm a big fan of corally shades for the spring and summer, the nail polish was a natural colour choice. However, since I bought the lipstick online I was expecting a more blue toned red(or at least that's how it looked on the pictures online). But it turned out to be a beautiful, brick red with deep orange tones. It not only looks very bright on my skintone but it goes perfectly with the nail colour I bought. 
Another thing that surprised me about this lipstick is it's not all that bold or matte and I still love it! It is very much possible to layer it to get a really rich colour but even one swipe would be great for days in class where I don't usually like to go overboard. This also feels very moistursing, a big hit with me if matte lipsticks can do that.(If you are interested in seeing it on my lips, stay tuned for the next post).The nail polish is something I've tried before in other colours so I knew I was going to like the formula and staying power, but the colour is what I am obsessed with currently(after 2 coats). Yay for cheap finds that actually worked out for me! What are your recent Spring purchases?

Sweetheart Pinafore Dress

April 15, 2016

It's quite common for me to hoard a lot of clothes and this one is no exception. It is my super vintage sweetheart pinafore dress. I've had it for a couple of years now and it's probably vintage, but this trend is so back on the fashion wagon yet I couldn't any with a sweetheart neckline. I probably wasn't looking well enough after I discovered this beauty again. I simply adore the neckline, how it gives a little feminine look to this dress. The button down in the front is very sixties inspired and this brown plaid combined with a tie at the waist is so "Clueless". I have never really moved on from there, don't plan to anytime soon (Haha!).
I've paired it with a simple jersey material - white shirt which is so easy to wear even when the temperature is rising. This with a pair of plain blue jeans is soon going to be all I wear. Although if I wasn't a complete heel- phobe on weekdays, I would've opted for a nice chunky heeled brown boots. However, I love how this looked with some black tights and my black converse. Can this shoe ever do any wrong? I think not! It goes with everything and this is my first trying it with a dress and it worked perfectly with this. I need to be a little more daring to wear them out with more cute dresses too like those perfect street styles on tumblr, you know?
|Plain White Shirt - SIMILAR, Plaid Pinafore Dress - Old (SIMILAR) , Shoes - Converse (HERE), Brown Vintage Bag - Old(SIMILAR)|

Six Instagram accounts I'm loving.

April 12, 2016

Six Instagram accounts I'm loving
(luanna90, me_and_orla, meohmygirl)
Instagram is one of my favourite social media websites. I have been so hooked on to it for the past few months, discovering new people with killer feeds and trying to do a little something to my feed as well (@wildfirecharm).
From the odd three hundred people that I follow on Instagram, there are six accounts that really stood out to me because of their colour theme, style, quality and just how artistic they are. Every time I log in, I get all excited to see when these people have posted. So I thought I'll share them with you guys, if you are feeling a little demotivated or would just like some #insta-inspiration.
1.luanna90: She's pretty much a fashion blogger turned instagram queen! Chances are that you already follow her or somebody on your feed surely does. She has the best red hair, best grungy fashion tips and living in New York city. Oh, and her boho ring collection is to die for.
2.me_and_orla: This wonderful lady posts a ton of lifestyle posts, unique photography shots and some food pics here and there. Her photos are always a little underexposed, moody and very indie looking (if you know what I mean!). She also runs a lifestyle blog all about a rustic countryside living. So beautiful!
3.meohmygirl: She's from Australia and is the most professional looking instagram that I follow. It only makes sense because she is actually a photographer and artist. Her food pictures make up most of her feed and she is best known for her "pretty food" pictures. Yep, they'll make you think they're too pretty to eat even! Her flatlays are also something she's quite famous for and they are absolute goals.

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightener Review

April 8, 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightener Review
Well, it's quite apparent to people who know me or have read my past posts that pin straight hair is absolutely my go-to-hairstyle mainly because its easy to do, takes the least amount of time and lasts all the way to the next time I wash my hair. That being said, I love straighteners and absolutely love knowing about a new straightener on the block, like the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightener* from! I first tried out this one about a week and a half ago and I've already used it everytime I've straightened my hair since.
A little bit about my hair to begin with - It is fine, naturally straight and doesn't have a ton of natural volume. Now you might wonder why I straighten my hair if it's already naturally straight? Well, even my naturally straight hair has a lot of kinks and waves at the ends and to accurately put it, it's actually a little wavy. In order to look put together for an event or a special day, I definitely need to straighten my hair. Having fine hair makes me face a major problem that is unwanted frizz especially in the warmer months so I wanted to see how this straightener faired in that department.
Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightener Review
The design is sleek, light weight and the cord is pretty long which I love. The short cords on hair straighteners really bug me because when I go to hotel rooms or even in the other rooms, there isn't a plug point near the dressers and a short cord(in that situation) means straightening without a mirror aka disaster. The shape of it is very modern and I love the pretty red colour! What I love the most about this straightener is the temperature control. The black screen shows you the temperature you're using it at and the buttons below can be used to control it. It says clearly on the card that comes along with it to use a temperature according to your hair type. Having fine hair means a lot of easy damage so I decided to straighten at 130 degrees which is the lowest setting and can go up to 480 degrees I believe.

DIY Chokers for Spring/Summer : Six Designs

April 1, 2016


Hey Guys!
I haven't done a DIY in so long, possible never after the very beginning months of my blog but I would like to keep doing some here and there when inspiration strikes me. This one was a no brainer because I was planning on making some chokers for myself. I am obsessed with them and I love how they look with summer tops. However, finding every design can be a little difficult unless you want to order from Etsy or only stick to the tattoo choker ( which I own and love) so I decided to make my own and share it along with you, if you'd fancy making a choker yourself!

What you will need:
Velvet Ribbons
Pearl Trims
Fabric Glue
Lapel Pin/Stud Earrings
Jump Rings
Press Buttons

All of these six designs are "no-sew" but if you'd like to spend a little more time on them, you can go ahead and use a needle and thread to sew up the press buttons which I have used as clasps for the chokers.
1. Plain Velvet Choker: The easiest one to make. Simply cut a black velvet ribbon of your neck size and glue on some press buttons. One on the right side up and one on the underside so that the buttons can close properly around your neck. This step has to be repeated on all the chokers.
2. Pink Velvet Choker with a Charm: Pretty simple as well! Take a pin and make a hole around the centre of your ribbon. Put a jump ring and your charm through it. Close the jump ring with pliers.
3. Lace Choker with a Charm: This one is on trend right now and I've seen a lot of expensive ones being sold online while this one can be made in a fraction of the price. Basically repeat all the methods above for the pink velvet choker.
DIY Choker Charms
DIY velvet charm chokers
4. Velvet with Pearl Trim: Take a similar piece of black velvet Choker and glue on a pretty pearl trim that I found at a craft store. It gives a nice gothic, vintage vibe to it.
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