June 28, 2016

Personal post about Trust
Trust is a strong word and they say you can’t use it for just anybody. But can you for anyone you come across in your lives who isn’t directly related to you? (A.K.A parents and siblings). I sat down one evening with a lot on my mind and a lot to say about this subject. I found it a little more comforting to just put it into words and be done with it. But what I discovered on questioning myself are some really important things and I shouldn’t just be chucking them away. I won’t be forgetting these easily because I think these can make or break what I think about anyone I meet in my life from here on. It has been an enlightening moment for me and trust me, I don’t have a lot of those. There are three main questions I asked myself and here’s what I eventually came to understand.

How much is too much? I think there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to trusting someone. I have known to cross it many times and so have thousands of people. 90% of the time they’ve regretted it and so have I. Trusting someone too much only means you’re opening up a gateway for them to let you down, hurt you and not feel a thing about it because they didn’t put the same amount of trust in you. Talking about hobbies, interests, movies, doing fun things, sharing moments in your life are what friends are for. Sure, sometimes we love the feeling of opening up to a certain close person but don’t let it disillusion you into thinking that you can absolutely say anything that’s on your mind with everyone. As an adult, you don’t have that liberty anymore and it can come with consequences.

3 Favourite Drugstore Highlighters

June 17, 2016

Favourite Drugstore Highlighters - Makeup revolution, MUA, NYX
Highlighters have become huge in the makeup world in the past couple of years. Initially, good highlighters that don't make you look like a disco ball were a thing of premium or high end makeup brands only. However, now that is not the case at all. Drugstore brands have really upped their game and have come up with some really good similar products/dupes without the chunky glitter which I don't feel comfortable in (tbh!). Here are three of my favourite highlighting products - a powder, a cream and a pencil that have completely change the way I do my makeup. Plus, you really can't beat the prices.

#1 Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Powder in Breathe - This one is popularly known as a dupe for the Ambient Lighting Powders and I don't own the original but I can say that this product is beautiful. I've fallen in love with it. I've been coveting this specific shade - Breathe for a while now but it has always been sold out. I waited it out and got my hands on this single rather than the 3 colour palette that it also comes in because I wasn't sure if I liked the other two shades too much. Breathe is the most natural looking one out of the two without being overly silver or gold. It's the perfect in between glowy shade. This one looks like a setting powder in the swatch but it has the most beautiful subtle iridescence when applied on the cheeks and it catches the light.

The Blue Gingham Midi Skirt

June 14, 2016

Summer is upon us and I have been preparing myelf to deal with these warm summer afternoons for a while now. What says summer more than a loose flowy skirt that is so easy breezy to walk around in without feeling uncomfortable? It makes it a tad bit better if it's in Gingham and has little buttons going down the front and two slightly big pockets for convenience. This one is so easy to throw on and while I it goes with pretty much any tshirt/top, I chose this Blue one which has a slightly perforated texture all over it. With my much loved Forever 21 black box bag and TopShop Freya flats, it came together pretty easily. 
Now finding the perfect Gingham skirt for you isn't only restricted to a certain store, you can find one in every price range and in several trendy shops that keep releasing them over time as it's a returning trend on the runways. Another great place to find a good one is vintage shops, because there you can find so many cuts, lengths, and materials to experiment with. A lot of modern brands inspired by vintage fashion also do a great job at this. The options are endless. This particular one lacks the flare that I usually adore in midi skirts but the material is the softest cotton which makes up for the lack of flare which is usually in pieces made from "scuba" material, like I like to describe them. Trendy or not, this print remains a regular in my wardrobe every year.
(Blue Gingham Midi : HERE, HERE & HERE(Got all budgets covered there!), Blue Textured Top : Similar HERE & in WHITE colour, Freya Shoes : TOPSHOP )

Bio Oil Review & Experience

June 10, 2016

Bio Oil Review & Experience
Bio Oil
This is a product I've been contemplating buying for a while and I finally took the plunge before summer started about 3 and a half months ago, ie-end of March. I was intrigued about it because of all the positive reviews and the really affordable price confused me and I didn't know what to expect. Any skincare oils in the market other than this one is expensive and quite worth the investment if your skin really needs it but I hadn't come across something more for the body before that also promised of actual good results. I first picked it out with the intention to use it on three main problems I have with my body - uneven skin tone from hyper pigmentation, weird tan lines from wearing certain types of footwear and scars(mainly childhood and some from ingrown hairs). Now I must mention that not all of them were huge in size and some scars that I was treating were quite tiny but they still bothered me collectively.
I started using it thrice a week before going to bed without having to overdo it because I was still testing it out at this point. The box does mention using it everyday and twice a day but I just figured I'll start slow. The oil is of a very light consistency and has a very pleasant smell without being overpowering. It looks orange in the bottle but comes out totally clear on the skin. The best part is it gets soaked up into the skin pretty quickly, I'd say within 10 minutes and without leaving the area greasy. I would still not consider using it during the day, if I was putting on nicer, going out clothes just in case but there has been absolutely no staining on my night clothes. As I kept using it for a month, I immediately noticed the hyper pigmented areas got a shade lighter. It was a very gradual change but it was noticeable after a while.

The White, The Black and The Brown

June 3, 2016

Pussybow Top with Cropped Black Trousers
White pussybow blouse with black bow
White pussybow blouse with black bow
A white pussybow shirt like this with skinny cropped trousers might sound very "formal" to some. I have to agree, it does end up being a pretty, classic, minimal work wear but it is also totally capable turning into a little more relaxed, casual, walking around the city kind. Styling three of my most worn neutral colours into one outfit and still not end up looking like a mess was a challenge. I had all of these items lying on my bed after a few days of collective shopping before I organized them and viola I thought they might work as a nice outfit. 
I've got my favourite pussybow blouse from Forever 21 on and it's untucked to keep the casual feel that I was going for. I paired it with my favourite cropped trousers from Dorothy Perkins, that fit like a glove and the length is just right. Anything shorter than this tends to look chunky on my body type anyway. I decided to ditch the heels/pumps and go for brown sandals with pretty delicate embroidery on it. These would be fabulous with summer dresses as well. And the final and the most exciting piece of course is the tasseled handbag from New Look. The size is really good for a crossbody bag and the fact that I was carrying around a ton of stuff in it(including a large hair brush) says something. It's got some perfect 'Chloe Faye Bag' accents going on for it with the gold ring and chain and the tassel is an extra touch.
Styling black, white and brown outfit
(Pussy Bow Blouse - Forever 21/Similar HEREHERE, Black Cropped Trousers - Dorothy Perkins/Similar HERE, Brown tasseled sling bag - New Look/ Similar HERE, Brown Sandals - Similar HERE)
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