Ruffled Smock Dress

September 30, 2016

Blue Ruffled Flouncy Button Down Smock Dress
Blue Ruffled Flouncy Button Down Smock Dress Rosegal
Pastel Blue Ruffled Collar
I took a small break from studying only to write this post. Although I've been preparing from the last two days for this exam on Saturday. I found myself daydreaming, taking a trip to the fridge and posting on instagram more often than ever, Haha. So I thought I might as well do something productive when I'm taking a break. 

This is going to be one of my last few summer posts before I dive into the autumn-swing-of-things. What drew me to this dress is obviously the ruffles in the collar. I mean I'm pretty much ready to wear anything if it has ruffles on but it sometimes it makes an outfit a bit over the top for a standard. sweltering summer day. I think a lot of people shy away from them for that very reason. Ruffles make an outfit glamourous for sure but I like this dress for styling it the minimal way.

My Summer Favourites

September 23, 2016

Wildfire Charm: Summer Favourites 2016
Hey! I've got my seasonal favourites post for you today and although summer is not technically over for me and I still haven't given up on my summer clothes, but its kinda over in the fashion and beauty world. So here's a couple of things that I have been absolutely in love with this summer.

Summer usually means minimal makeup for me but when I do want to have some makeup on, I pretty much stick to my everyday face - Fit Me Foundation & Concealor and LA Girl Pro HD Powder. Something that is new to my collection is the LA Girl Pro HD Concealor which has some insane coverage for the under eyes in my opinion. I got the shade "Pure Beige" which is actually a little dark for me (online shopping and concealors don't go hand in hand do they?). I would have preferred a shade or two lighter for that bright look but I've been using it (until I get the lighter shade) under foundation and the fit me concealor brightens everything up on top. Something to keep in mind if you've got a wrong shade yourself. 
Next up is my Perfect Red Lip duo, that I blogged about earliar in the month. I've fallen head over heels in love with this combination as it makes for the perfect blue based red from the drugstore. It makes my teeth look whiter and also really brightens up a makeup look. Although I usually stay minimal for summer I still like a little bit of glow and it makes all the difference. I've been reaching for my Makeup Revolution Breathe Highlighter pretty consistently and it looks like I haven't even used much. It's one of my favourite highlighters because it's not shimmery at all, just glowy and supposed to be a dupe for the Hourglass powders.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser is what I got last minute in a mini size because I was going to be travelling the next day but it has stuck with me and become my everyday face wash for the season. It doesn't make me oily throughout the day which is very important to me for my skin and also doesn't break me out. It's perfect for taking off last bits of makeup at the end of the day which tend to stay on when you lazily removed your makeup the night before which I am guilty of sometimes.
The next most useful thing is my Gillette Venus Razor which is what I often use when I'm in a hurry (and I'm always running late). I had sworn off razors because of my sensitive skin but this completely changed my mind. I like to change out the blades every 5-8 uses so I get a close shave every time. Now it's become a staple in my collection and I have been reaching for it much more this season. 

The Batiste mini dry shampoo in Cherry is such a staple when the weather's humid and you've got fine hair like me.I'm not gonna lie, it's a great dry shampoo but I've been using it so much as a hair perfume too because it smells divine and actually lasts a long time. So I'll sometimes spray this on as a lift me up for my hair. It doesn't leave any white flakes on my hair after brushing it out and I have quite dark hair naturally so that's a plus.
Wildfire Charm: Summer Favourites 2016
I have too many fashion favourites for the season so I won't be able to include every single one but I'll mention a few that I loved the most. First off, this cute blue satchel or any mini satchel has been my go-to bag to carry around. I'm trying to keep it minimal when it comes to things I carry around in my purse and that has led to quite a few mini purse purchases this season. There's also this black saddle bag from an outfit on the blog that I've really been loving. Just any tiny, cute purse is what I grab every time I go out shopping and if it's in a fun colour, it's even better. A wide brimmed hat is also such a great addition for the season. This one's black and probably not too summery but it goes with all my accessories so I couldn't justify getting a different one.

Now onto my favourite portion of these posts - the random things that I fall in love with almost everyday in my life and I love knowing what other people are loving as well. "All The Bright Places" by Jennifer Niven gets a spot without a doubt. I have been on the bandwagon of reading similar teen love stories ever since I put down "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell. It totally sparked up a different side of me that enjoys this genre all over again. That's probably because I was yet to discover little gems like these which are not predictable and are beautiful stories that adults can enjoy too. 
The whole rewatching Gilmore Girls thing happend. I literally spent a major chunk of my summer watching it and reliving all the cool moments and it was like getting hit by a nostalgia train and I loved it.
A couple of tunes I am absolutely obsessed with - Dua Lipa's Hotter than Hell and Alex Goot's cover with some other Youtubers of "Let me Love You". Trust me when I say its amazing because I've heard the original by Justin Bieber only once but I constantly listen to this cover.
Wildfire Charm: Summer Favourites 2016
And that wraps up my favourites for the season. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Ripped Denim Overalls

September 16, 2016

Ripped Denim Overalls with Lace top
Ripped Denim Overalls with Lace top
Ripped Denim Overalls with Lace top
Denim overalls have been a thing for a while now and something I'm just as much obsessed with as anybody else right now. I never thought about trying out their more trendy/ edgy ripped versions which are also in so many stores especially because I didn't know how much wear I would get out of them. I was pleasantly surprised with these ripped overalls from Romwe* which were very inexpensive compared to so many other ones I've spotted and I really liked that it was lightweight and not too thick which would make it very uncomfortable for hot summer days like this particular one.

I think it is a great starter piece to experiment with and see if this style is for me before I invest in more expensive ones. These are way more versatile than I thought they were going to be when it comes to styling in different ways. I decided to go the feminine look with a white, lacey, mock neck top tucked into it. I can imagine how great it would look with a cropped t-shirt and sneakers too. I also found a reason to sneakily bring out little bits of burgundy (although it's far too early) - the burgundy satchel and my favourite mock-croc block heels from New Look ( last year).

I liked the straight cut of these more than the mom jeans style and the fit was nice and makes for a little edgier outfit for days when I do want to dress up a little more and have an alternative to plain jeans. What's your favourite type of overall? Skinny, Ripped, Mom cut or Flares?
Ripped Denim Dungarees with Lace top
|Ripped Denim Overalls : Romwe* , Lace Mock Neck Top : Old (Similar HERE) , Burgundy Satchel : Similar HERE, Burgundy Block Heels : New Look (Similar HERE(inSilver) |

Wild World by Bastille : First Impressions

September 9, 2016

Bastille Wild World New Album 2016 First Impressions
Hello! I’m coming to you with a little bit of a different post than my usual and I have a very good reason for that. Bastille released their second studio album after THREE whole years yesterday. I've been listening to it non-stop for the entire day and I thought I needed to talk about it. It has been such a long wait. If you ask me the cheesy question – “Who are the top 5 bands you’d like to see live?” Bastille will make that list of mine. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I heard their first album.

I discovered them on Tumblr in 2013 when their first album had just come out. People on tumblr have really good taste in music and I used to frequently browse for my indie music fix and always found some great recommendations that I listen to till this day. The first song I listened to was “Flaws” and I was in love. Then I went onto hearing one of their most popular songs “Pompeii” which was the one played on the radio loads and remixed with a lot of edm mixes. The song that made them "popular" all over the world.

Rewatching Gilmore Girls in 2016

September 6, 2016

Rewatching Gilmore Girls in 2016 Flatlay Coffee quotes
Yes, as you can see from the title, I did it. I rewatched seven seasons of nostalgic episodes in about two months and oh boy, it was so so good to be back in Stars Hollow. Finding Gilmore Girls episodes online was really difficult until now. I’m so glad Netflix picked it up because I could catch up with all the episodes uninterrupted by anything and yeah I’ve been guilty of watching 8 episodes a day sometimes. I've got my coffee in my hand and ready to share some thoughts after rewatching this beloved series because frankly there were so many moments that I had forgotten and it was great watching them all back. I needed to get back on track before the “Year in the Life” special!

1. Tristan being the bad guy in the first two seasons just caught me off guard now. I hated him before but it was extremely difficult to hate him now that he has been glorified in my mind as Lucas Scott (from One Tree Hill)

2. Stars Hollow is the cutest town ever. I loved every little shop and landmarks in the town. The “Bluebell” from Hart of Dixie ( another one of my absolute favourites) shares the same set as Stars Hollow. Hart of Dixie recently finished in 2014 and I could almost imagine Zoe Hart popping up at the town square or on the streets. It was all so fresh in my mind.

3.I love how ironic it is that “Dean” from Gilmore Girls ended up playing the brother to one famous “Dean Winchester” *Swoons* Also, Dean is my favourite from all of  Rory’s boyfriends. Update: I'm a leaning towards Jess now..anyone but Logan.

4.“I had the same pants in High School. I’m in again” – Lorelai when she was visiting Harvard with Rory.
I wonder what Lorelai would say if she saw everything in the shops since the last year or so. Mock neck tops, chokers, choker neck tops, flared jeans, wrap dresses..Omg,It’s Lorelai everything. She would freak out!

5.How many jobs does Kirk work? I remember an episode where someone actually kept count of it but God knows how many more he worked after that. That man is unstoppable.

6.The Friday Night Dinners were possibly some of the funniest scenes, especially in the first three seasons. I loved when they went to those and they always ended up in drama. I actually missed Emily’s character when Lorelai would fight with them over periods of time. Kelly Bishop is fantastic in it!

Bookmarks for Crappy Days #2

September 2, 2016

Bookmarks for Crappy Days #2
Hello! I’m back with the second edition of these “bookmarks” for some instant cheer me up, inspirational pages on the web that I definitely look to when I’m feeling low or when I'm in a particularly grumpy mood. If you're having a crappy day, this one's for you!

She is an instagramer I found on accident one day as I was scrolling through some hashtags and it turns out she is the holy grail of typography accounts. I am absolutely in love with her calligraphy pictures.They are bright, colourful and she always has a bunch of really inspiring “nerdy” quotes(especially Harry Potter). If you like a lot of fandoms or simply are a bookworm then you will love this account. I find her lettering videos so calming and I can watch those back to back for so long without getting bored.  However, if you’re more into girly, feminine quotes and style then lhcalligraphy is an account worth following! Her account is so darling.

If you already watch Caitlin’s beauty and lifestyle videos on youtube, you may have seen this as it is from March. She puts up artsy videos in between all her beauty content and I think they are really fantastic. This is one of those videos which believe it or not is a sponsored video but I think she did such a great job on this and it has 30,000 views on it which I think is far too less for the effort that went into it. She deserves so much more recognition as this video really inspired me to travel and also be creative. I love watching it back.

What is possibly better than a cup of tea when you’re feeling a little down to cheer you up? I practically need tea or coffee on an IV on days like these. I like how they shared 3 different & interesting ways to make tea making it a little bit more fun to experiment with some new flavours and they also seem to be very calming. Double bonus! The blue mellow is something that I’m hoping to try next. Also, these boys are a blast to watch. They are always so funny and cheery and I like watching their videos even though I’m not the world's greatest cook and could barely attempt some of the recipes they share. I live for these easy, 5 minute recipes.

Here’s a link to this lovely graphic design blogger’s free printable archive. She has this series called Monday Motivation where she gives out a free motivational printable every week on a monday. All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter and you get a nice little printable in your email. It’s such a nice treat for Monday mornings especially when the Monday feeling is catching up with me. I usually print them out or use it as a wallpaper or phone wallpaper and I just love the feeling of having one positive quote every week in bright colours, fonts and designs. It’s also perfect for framing some for your desk or bedroom.

#5 Quotes - Overheadla
Another instagram link you say? Trust me this one's way different than anything I've ever seen before. It's an account that takes anonymous submissions from people in LA of anything funny they've overhead and they share them like a quote. I know LA is one of the most glam cities in the world and I fantasize about it just as much as anyone else but it's so fun knowing a little bit more about the real people of LA, their lifestyle etc. Some of these quotes should make it to TV show scripts to be honest, they're hilarious. One scroll through their feeds and you'll find yourself in fits of laughter. I do, everytime!

Bookmarks for Crappy Days
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