The Yellow Coat & Leopard Flats

October 30, 2016

Yellow Duster Coat and Leopard Espadrille Flats Outfit
Yellow Duster Coat and Leopard Espadrille Flats Outfit
Yellow Duster Coat and Leopard Flats Outfit
Yellow Duster Coat and Leopard Print Outfit
Yellow Duster Coat and Leopard Espadrille Flats Outfit
(Yellow Lapel Duster Coat : She In*, White Ribbed Top : Dorothy Perkins (Similar HERE), Black High Waisted Pants : Dorothy Perkins (Similar HERE), Leopard flats : Similar HEREHERE)

It's been a hot minute since I've bought anything Leopard print but this time of the year and the obsession with loafers at the moment inspired me to get on the bandwagon with these. I chose the espadrille style ones so that they will be wearable in summer as well! Then I found a great item to pair them with - The yellow longline duster coat in the style of Victoria Beckham. She really is my inspiration when it comes to styling anything "yellow" because she nails it every time. This yellow coat is surprisingly really not very warm so it was perfect for me as it hasn't really got cold where I live. . It's more of a statement piece than a heavy duty coat but the price is perfect for a trendy item purchase. It has the classic details of a duster coat with two pockets on either side, a waist tie belt and some silver hardware detailing on the lapels. I would most probably be styling this one with pins the next time I wear it.

How I did my makeup in High School Challenge

October 26, 2016

This tag has been doing it's rounds on youtube lately and I instantly wanted to be a part of it because I'm all about "throwback anything". However, I didn't think I could actually get hold of all the products and their original packaging so I thought I'd just share them here with you!

15-16 is when I actually started discovering makeup, watching Elle and Blair videos on Youtube and slowly getting into the swing of things. That's quite late compared to a lot of people who I know have been wearing makeup since 13-14 but I guess I wasn't that sassy ( yet!). I was in high school mainly the last two years when I started wearing a lot of makeup and basically loved waking up to do my makeup even though it meant I had to be up by 6 am because my classes started super early back then. Being a college student, I certainly prefer the extra 5 minutes of lie-in time now though.

My first foundation was the Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline and I'm actually quite surprised to know that majority of the people used this as well. It was not the best in terms of coverage or even staying power. It was a different texture and I thought since it wasn't a liquid, it would make me look more natural. I used the Maxfactor Pan Stick as a concealor for my under eyes. I strongly believed and perhaps even preached (oops) that base products with more coverage were for the under eyes so that's what I would use every single day. I've had bad under-eye circles for as long as I can remember so I think my first step into the makeup world was to learn how to cover those bad boys up. Unfortunately they always creased on me. Rimmel Stay Matte was my everyday powder and something I would actually use even without anything under it because I was always so freakin oily and this was the cheapest, most amazing powder I had discovered back then.
How I did my makeup in high school challenge

It's funny to know that people hadn't discovered brows back then which is totally the opposite for me. I've seen my mom do her brows for ages and ages and a brow pencil is one of the first makeup items I started using. However, I used to use a super black colour which really made me look like a mess and was too dark for me because I would use it with a very heavy hand. My favourite eyeliner was the Maybelline gel liner which I repurchased this year and it's safe to say that it was one great choice I made back then. I would apply it real thick on my upper lash line, lower lash line and waterline and it literally made my small eyes look even smaller but I loved how long it stayed. I had 12 hour days often and only my eyeliner looked decent by the end of it. I didn't use any mascara so I always looked like I didn't have any eyelashes ( Oh dear!). I was always too afraid to use mascara on my eyes. The thought scared for a long time before I became an addict.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette : Warm Neutrals Review + Swatches

October 22, 2016

Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals Review
I may have let on a little sneak peek of this picture in my 'Mysteries of Instagram' post on my blog last week because I couldn't contain the excitement of adding a new autumn palette to my collection. I know this was more of a Spring/Summer release but I only just snagged the NYX Ultimate Palette in Warm Neutrals and couldn't help but notice that it has all the golds, reds and browns to make it a great autumn palette( and just every season really!). I am a huge fan of this brand and have been one ever since I tried out their jumbo eye pencils in 2011. I'm so happy to see them come out with amazing, exciting products so that I can make my collection 40% NYX . So let's get into the review!
NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals Review
Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals Review
When this palette came in the mail, I was expecting it to be much bigger as you do with any standard 16 shade palette but I was pleasantly surprised at the size. It's quite small and compact and so much easier to hold for people like me who have smashed endless amounts of makeup by dropping them. The packaging is plastic with a transparent lid so that all the shades are visible. I think it looks way more sleek when compared to the cardboard packacing which I'm not a fan of at all. The shade selection is amaaaazzzing! It has such a good variety of browns and reds and golds. It's predominantly matte which I personally prefer and a few sparkly shades like the rose gold one in the second row is really nice.

How to be trendy and still keep it personal

October 16, 2016

Gingham cami top with tshirt 90s trend outfit
Gingham slip top with tshirt 90s trend outfit
Gingham cami top with tshirt 90s trend outfit
(Slip Top - Dorothy Perkins ( on sale now) | White Tshirt - Old, Similar HERE | Knee Ripped Jeans - New Look , Similar HERE | Ballet Flats - Forever 21, Similar HERE | Mini Backpack - Forever 21)

Hey guys!
Have you ever looked at an outfit online/on the mannequin and thought damn, that looks good ? After you actually try it on, it never ends up looking just as good. I'm sure it has happened to you at some point and happens to me on the regular. Every store is full of 90s trends that I love and adore but I am a little skeptical if they'd look just as good on me. Like a metallic slip dress on a tshirt with some knee high boots..I have been lusting after that look for a while now only to realize even if I ever bought it, it would never see the light of day. So here's how I tackled being trendy but still keeping it wearable so that it confirms to my personal style.

I knew I had to get this slip top from Dorothy Perkins the minute I spotted it because my life's mantra is "Everything gingham needs to get in my closet" more often than not. I loved the fact that it is a slip top so I could finally try out the slip top on tshirt trend and the peplum was just a bonus! I paired these with some ripped jeans, replaced the knee high boots with my trusty black ballet flats and accessorized with my new favourite, mini backpack from Forever 21.

Mysteries of Instagram I'll never understand

October 7, 2016

Mysteries of Instagram I'll never understand
There are moments on instagram almost daily that leave me baffled. This is not a rant..oh well, maybe it is..a little bit.  I have personally experienced quite a lot of weird stuff lately and I thought I’d talk about it more here. It has become one of the most widely used apps especially for bloggers and since I spend a lot of time on it, I’m really started to get annoyed with little things that go on there that I’m not sure I know “why” or “how” they happen.

 For example, there are people who…

Like 25 of my pictures and then unfollow me.

Follow and unfollow me within an hour which is a very short frame for me to have even got to my notifications because I’m not on instagram 24-7.

Like each and every one of my photos, everyday but not follow me.

Constantly follow and unfollow me every day of the week. I’ve had huge bloggers do this to me too, so it’s a bit strange to me. I also followed back a few and they still unfollowed. (Lol)

Have thousands of followers and still get the same amount of likes that I do while here I am constantly having mass unfollow attacks, if I may call them that.

My Birthday Resolutions

October 4, 2016

My Birthday Resolutions
The prettiest birthday card from my Grandma. It's a tradition to get the cutest cards from her every year. 
My birthday was yesterday, the 3rd of October which is partly the reason why the month of October gets me sooo excited! A birthday is the accurate beginning of a new  year to me. I find it very difficult to stick to new year’s resolutions so here’s a different edition for the beginning of another year in my life. 

I had a wonderful day yesterday! Lots of wishes from friends and family & lots of my instagram pals, good food, lots of cake and also managed to squeeze in Bridget Jones Baby into all of this which absolutely made my day. It was such a funny film and good ol' romantic comedies don't come out as much anymore. So I was so glad I could catch it before it went out of theatres. I am writing this on the  4th , one day after my birthday. I decided to sit down, write about a few things I want to achieve in the coming year.

1. I want to switch up my posting schedule a little bit from the coming month and I’m planning to post a little more frequently. Running a blog really takes up a lot of my time and I’ve been feeling inconsistent lately so I’m going to get things up and going pretty soon.  I need to find a routine that’s realistic and actually works for me. 

2. I’ve been on a huge health kick this year. Not the kind where I spend hours in the gym (I don’t). I have really been incorporating healthy eating habits and simple exercise and have been able to lose 10 pounds this year. My final goal is to lose 6 more pounds and then I’ll reach my goal weight. I have been attempting to do this very gradually and through healthy eating only. (no crash diets) which is why it's taking me much longer but I think it has been worth the wait so far.

3.Read more books! – Here comes the clich├ęd point that makes it to everyone’s resolutions list but this one’s something I’m serious about. I love reading and have been always been such an avid reader but lately I’ve found myself reading very few books. The decline from reading 4 books a month to possibly 5-6 books a year has been very drastic for me. I blame time issues for it because I have been consumed with university, running a blog and just basic life things. I feel like I need to get back into the reading habit and try reading at least one book a month to begin with.

That's all! I decided to keep these resolutions short and achievable which I think is way more motivating for next year as well. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog/comments on it and anyone who wished me on social media yesterday. I couldn't be more thankful to have people from all over the world connecting with me in a way that I could have never imagined.
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