Five scenes in the Gilmore Girls Revival that made me cry

November 29, 2016

I wasn’t going to post this initially because I’ve already eaten everybody’s ears off on social media + real life about the Gilmore Girls Revival but I just sat down to write this because I needed to. I needed to put my thoughts somewhere whether I post it on the blog or no for some closure because the ending left me in two minds. I had promised to do this post in my previous post about rewatching Gilmore Girls a couple of months ago. I thought I’d just put it out there for anybody who wants to read it. If you haven’t watched the original series and wondering what the hell this hype is about then go get on the bandwagon and you won't regret it.

This series is set a couple of years later and Rory is now 32. Lorelai and Luke have been in a relationship for 9 years. Stars Hollow is still the same though with all it’s glorious people and funny quirks. It was so good to be back in that town. Let's talk about the moments that made me bawl like a baby or at least made me tear up. Amy Sherman Palladino knows how to hit all the nostalgia spots which you didn't even know existed. I’m going to do a reverse countdown from the least to the most emotional scene in the revival. 

5. Rory and Dean’s little meeting at the supermarket. It was a cute little banter between them, catching up on their lives. I love that it was in the place where they first met all those years ago ( Sounds like a Taylor Swift lyric). It’s so nice to know that he is happy, has a family and has since moved on. I was Team Dean after all for a long time and I always believed he was an amazing guy, especially to Rory and he deserves all the good things! Also, Jared Padalecki ..enough said. Dean Forester has had the best transformation from the show to the revival (Jess was already hot to begin with!)

4. Sookie and Lorelai’s scene where she bakes a million different cakes for her wedding and shes's as hyper as always. It was just like the old times. Michel comes in and talks about how sad Lorelai’s been since she left and she tears up a little. Her appearance was too short compared to the real show, where she was always around in times of every crisis in Lorelai’s life. I had expected her to be the first one Lorelai tells about her and Luke having a baby and stuff. I wish she was around more, dropping in every other day with baked goods. That would have been about right. I’m glad they are still best friends though!

Avène Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream Review

November 25, 2016

Avene Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream Review & Experience
I bought this soothing cream a few weeks ago with my cleanance gel and I did a little review of the cleanance range.

What it says: Restores skin comfort. For skin left dry and irritated by medical treatments.
Aimed at: Oily, blemish prone skin as is the rest of the cleanance range.

Quantity: 40ml

Now I’ve got the important specs aside, I want to get into the details. This soothing cream comes in a 40ml tube and is enriched with avene thermal spring water which is also in every product of the cleanance range.When I first got this I opened it and squeezed a little bit out the first evening after washing my face and a clear serum like liquid came out of the tube. It got me really confused because the box read “cream” so that’s what I was expecting on contrary to a gel/serum. I immediately thought there might be some mistake.

I squeezed it a good 3-4 times and a clear serum is all that came out of the tube. I put it on my face just to test it and it did feel very rich and moisturizing and didn’t smell bad so I was confused what went wrong with it. Instantly I started panicking wondering if I had got a really bad batch and I’ve ruined my skin by putting on cream that has gone bad. It was a natural reaction to put it on because I had squeezed a fair bit of it and it didn’t feel right to waste it because this stuff is expensive for only 40ml. 

Bookmarks for Crappy Days #3

November 18, 2016

 I have quite taken to writing this series on the blog because I find it so much fun to write and I hope you have fun checking out what I have discovered for you. It's been a while since I did one of these because I had to tackle examinations this month. That means pulling all nighters, being tired and grumpy. Here’s what inspired me on the internet and really helped me get through it. (I've also revamped the graphic a little, what do you think?)

1.Neon Signs – Tumblr
This amazing page on tumblr is something I found on accident and what a fair bit of luck that was. This is a tumblr curated by an anonymous(couldn’t find any contact information or media) fellow neon sign enthusiast who posts bloody awesome neon signs from all over the world. It is the perfect collection of aesthetically pleasing moody/dark images with fun/bright quotes. They’re pretty to look at and have some great words(if you’re a lover of words too you’ll know how I feel). The fun thing is sometimes I search for a particular one that I liked and it leads me to learn about a totally new restaurant or place I never knew existed and there goes another name on my bucket list. Honestly, it’s just a pretty place to scroll through on sleepless nights or anytime really and I think it’s quite inspiring and makes me feel festive.

2.Papertown_papercut – Instagram
Bailu is a gorgeous artist from Australia who makes magnificent works of art from paper and you won’t even believe your eyes when you see it because it’s all handmade. She puts up a lot of videos of her work as well if you want to know more about papercutting or how it’s done. It’s a complete work of art and patience. How she carves out delicate patterns and details by hand with a cutter (that you, me or any “human” uses to open boxes) is beyond me. I believe she also has an etsy shop where she sells these designs and they’re so pretty I feel she deserves all the attention and more. So go give her page a look and be prepared to be in awe. Here's a link to her etsy shop !

Lace tunic & the perfect red lipstick

November 11, 2016

Lace top, red lipstick, self potrait inspired, blue jeans and red bow kitten heels
Lace top, red lipstick, self potrait inspired, blue jeans and red bow kitten heels
Lace top, red lipstick, self potrait inspired, blue jeans and red bow kitten heels
Lace top, red lipstick, self potrait inspired, blue jeans and red bow kitten heels
Lace top, red lipstick, self potrait inspired, blue jeans and red bow kitten heels
| White Lace Top - c/o Rosegal, Blue Skinny Jeans - Forever 21, Red Kitten Heels : Old, Similar HERE & HERE, Brown Sling Bag : New Look, Alternative HERE & HERE, The Perfect Red Lipstick - NYX (review HERE) |

Does this lace top look familiar to you? If not, I've got a story to tell. This design is originally a white lace top & a dress version made by the designer Self-Portrait. I was kindly sent this top for consideration but I had no clue about it being such a close dupe of a much more expensive piece before I randomly spotted it on a famous blogger on instagram when I was sitting and writing this post (how ironic). I clicked on the picture and thought she was wearing the same top as mine before I realized it was SP and such a shocker because mine looks pretty much identical. Then as I researched more I found a few of my favourite bloggers had worn it before like Gal Meets Glam and The dash of darling.

The Avène Cleanance Range Review

November 8, 2016

Avene Cleanance Range Review
Hypoallergenic - Non Comedogenic - Cruelty Free
The weather's been changing and becoming much drier now so my skin needed some new gentle products that are moisturising as well. In summer, I'm all about using super effective products for keeping oil at bay but in winter, my skin starts craving for some moisture. So I decided to go for the Avene Cleanance Range as I heard it's good for sensitive and acne prone skin. I don't have acne all the time but products do break me out easily and almost nothing suits my skin so I tend to only go for ranges that say "sensitive" on the labels and still there is no guarantee if it's going to actually work for me. I picked up their Cleanance Gel Cleanser and Hydra Soothing Cream along with couple of other items so I was eligible for "5ml" sized samples of three other products of the same range which I think was really amazing as I could get an overall idea of how the range is and if I liked anything I could purchase the full size. All of these products have a mild scent to them. Nothing too overpowering but leaning towards "mediciny" if you know what I mean! Now onto how they work on my oily/combination skin.

1. Cleanance Gel Cleanser : I wanted to pick this up for its "soap free" claim which is very beneficial for me as any cleanser with soap dries out my cheeks pretty bad and gives me dry patches however I do need an effective oil free cleanser for my Tzone. This one works great for my skin so far. It is very gentle, lathers pretty well even though it says its soap free so I'm not sure how that works. I use the tiniest amount like 1 drop everyday. I only use it in the mornings to wash by face and remove any excess oil that has been building up all night. I think the quantity is amazing too as this giant bottle is going to last me a good while. This 100% doesn't dry my skin up and I could tell a difference from my Clean and Clear cleanser which made me feel so dry when I used to use it a couple of weeks back. It removes the dirt without stripping my skin of it's moisture.

2. Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream : This one's designed for oily skin that has been dried out by acne medications or combination skin in general which dries out because of a lot of facewashes and lotions formulated for oily skin. I also have had dry patches from using topical acne treatments for the occasional spot once or twice a month. I have a whole different post coming up about this product (So stay tuned for that) because I had quite a funny experience with it but overall the moisturising power is good and it didn't break me out even though it's quite a rich, hydrating cream which has almost never happened before. I used to prefer keeping my skin less moisturized with matte lotions to avoid breaking out from heavier creams in winter and not properly caring for the dry parts of my skin. So this is truly a product designed for people like me. ( I've also got a detailed review and experience of the hydra soothing cream which is you should definitely read before purchasing this product)

Autumn Rose Makeup Look

November 4, 2016

Autumn Rose Makeup Look
Autumn Rose Makeup Look
Autumn Rose Makeup Look
I've got a makeup look on the blog today which I've decided to call - Autumn Rose, as I play with the reddish shades from the NYX Warm Neutrals palette( that I have reviewed + swatched here) and a rosy lip and cheeks. The eyes have been created using all the colours in the third row of the NYX palette - a light gold (1) in the inner corner, bronzy shade (3) in the centre, a rust shade (4) in the outer corner and the deep burgundy (2) in the crease. This Kate Moss lipstick is what I've been wearing from the past couple of weeks because it's so creamy and moisturizing and has basically been winning against any other matte liquid lipstick because it is the only kind that my poor lips can handle at the moment. I'm not complaining, I love every lipstick from this range and this one is the perfect rosy nude. It comes out way more pink than nude on me but it's such a pretty shade that I don't mind.

What I'm wearing:

Foundation & Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me in 128 Warm Nude & 20 Sand Sable

Brows: Freedom Makeup Duo Powder in Dark Brown

Eyes:  NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals

Eyeliner: Maybelline Gel Liner

Mascara;  Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Black

Cheeks: Essence Blush in Kissable.

Contour + Bronzer : Freedom Makeup Bronze & Baked Palette

Highlight : Makeup Revolution Radiant Light - Breathe

Lipstick:  Rimmel London Kate Moss #19

Thank you for reading!


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