Bookmarks for Crappy Days #3

November 18, 2016

 I have quite taken to writing this series on the blog because I find it so much fun to write and I hope you have fun checking out what I have discovered for you. It's been a while since I did one of these because I had to tackle examinations this month. That means pulling all nighters, being tired and grumpy. Here’s what inspired me on the internet and really helped me get through it. (I've also revamped the graphic a little, what do you think?)

1.Neon Signs – Tumblr
This amazing page on tumblr is something I found on accident and what a fair bit of luck that was. This is a tumblr curated by an anonymous(couldn’t find any contact information or media) fellow neon sign enthusiast who posts bloody awesome neon signs from all over the world. It is the perfect collection of aesthetically pleasing moody/dark images with fun/bright quotes. They’re pretty to look at and have some great words(if you’re a lover of words too you’ll know how I feel). The fun thing is sometimes I search for a particular one that I liked and it leads me to learn about a totally new restaurant or place I never knew existed and there goes another name on my bucket list. Honestly, it’s just a pretty place to scroll through on sleepless nights or anytime really and I think it’s quite inspiring and makes me feel festive.

2.Papertown_papercut – Instagram
Bailu is a gorgeous artist from Australia who makes magnificent works of art from paper and you won’t even believe your eyes when you see it because it’s all handmade. She puts up a lot of videos of her work as well if you want to know more about papercutting or how it’s done. It’s a complete work of art and patience. How she carves out delicate patterns and details by hand with a cutter (that you, me or any “human” uses to open boxes) is beyond me. I believe she also has an etsy shop where she sells these designs and they’re so pretty I feel she deserves all the attention and more. So go give her page a look and be prepared to be in awe. Here's a link to her etsy shop !

3. Doug the Pug – Youtube
The cutest youtube channel for dog lovers, especially cute pugs. This channel is all sorts of goals because:
1. It has pugs.
2. It has pugs wearing cosplay costumes.
3. Pugs dancing and running and acting out pop culture scenes.
I think that’s said and done and I don’t have to be convince you any further how cute this channel is. Oh wait.. there are pugs dancing to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song at a fountain too. There, I think that’s what sold it to me.

I discovered Jessica Clement’s channel this month and she is a beauty/fashion vlogger – the kind of channels I normally watch. She came across as a really inspiring person through her storytimes especially this one. I won’t say too much to spoil it for you, if you’re planning to watch it. She talks about  how modeling can be an extremely difficult career path and how much effort goes into it, into getting noticed and just her journey from how she started to where she is now. I think the important message she gives through this is to never give up on your dreams and whenever something goes wrong, it’s for something better that’s coming along. It was quite emotional and inspiring and I think you should watch this wonderful video if you’re having a down day. It will cheer you up in an instant.

I found this on one of those days too. Everything was going wrong. I was getting ready to going out but I was running super late. Then my clothes got ruined. I tried looking for an alternative until I realized one of my contact lenses was missing and it was the last pair. This went on and on for an hour before I had reached the point of absolute irritation. It was an important event and I wanted to be there but I had to cancel last minute and I felt awful. I didn’t want to show up looking half-assed – that was one thing I really had in mind. I had the rest of the day to myself which I was going to spend sulking and maybe cleaning when I found this post. It really spoke to me in the sense that things can go wrong sometimes and you have no control over it so don’t let it control you. That’s an important lesson I took from it and decided not to let the rest of the day go to waste.

6. The Nostalgia Machine – Website
I always try to save the best ones for last and trust me, this one’s so amazing I had the “have I been living under a rock” moment the minute I found it. It’s a perfect, little place for music buffs where you can select a year and get transported to that year’s hits/ trending songs. I love certain eras of music far better than the music today and I also love discovering new “old music”. This tool is so perfect for that sort of thing. Like for example, I searched for 2000, one of my childhood years and “Everclear - Wonderful” was on the list and I played it straight up 7 times. Next up was “Westlife’s Swear It Again” and I was hooked. These songs brought back such great memories. The best thing to do is add a bunch of songs to a queue and keep em’ playing while working out or even in the background while studying.

That’s all for now. Until then, remember if you’re having a crappy day, “There’s always a reason to smile. Find IT” 

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  7. I want to check out all of them.
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  18. I'll try to remember that. I'm usually more prone to pity parties but it is a habit I have every intention on breaking. Also I think Doug the Pug might help out considerably


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  22. Oh what a lovely idea for a post! Thanks for the instagram recommendation too, I mainly follow style accounts for outfit inspiration, btu I do follow a lot of cute dog accounts too, hehe!

    Hope you're having a really good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

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    xx, Richel Goes Places

    1. Oh thanks for letting me know, I've corrected it! Thank you :)

  27. They're so cute i badly want to print one :)



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