The Avène Cleanance Range Review

November 8, 2016

Avene Cleanance Range Review
Hypoallergenic - Non Comedogenic - Cruelty Free
The weather's been changing and becoming much drier now so my skin needed some new gentle products that are moisturising as well. In summer, I'm all about using super effective products for keeping oil at bay but in winter, my skin starts craving for some moisture. So I decided to go for the Avene Cleanance Range as I heard it's good for sensitive and acne prone skin. I don't have acne all the time but products do break me out easily and almost nothing suits my skin so I tend to only go for ranges that say "sensitive" on the labels and still there is no guarantee if it's going to actually work for me. I picked up their Cleanance Gel Cleanser and Hydra Soothing Cream along with couple of other items so I was eligible for "5ml" sized samples of three other products of the same range which I think was really amazing as I could get an overall idea of how the range is and if I liked anything I could purchase the full size. All of these products have a mild scent to them. Nothing too overpowering but leaning towards "mediciny" if you know what I mean! Now onto how they work on my oily/combination skin.

1. Cleanance Gel Cleanser : I wanted to pick this up for its "soap free" claim which is very beneficial for me as any cleanser with soap dries out my cheeks pretty bad and gives me dry patches however I do need an effective oil free cleanser for my Tzone. This one works great for my skin so far. It is very gentle, lathers pretty well even though it says its soap free so I'm not sure how that works. I use the tiniest amount like 1 drop everyday. I only use it in the mornings to wash by face and remove any excess oil that has been building up all night. I think the quantity is amazing too as this giant bottle is going to last me a good while. This 100% doesn't dry my skin up and I could tell a difference from my Clean and Clear cleanser which made me feel so dry when I used to use it a couple of weeks back. It removes the dirt without stripping my skin of it's moisture.

2. Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream : This one's designed for oily skin that has been dried out by acne medications or combination skin in general which dries out because of a lot of facewashes and lotions formulated for oily skin. I also have had dry patches from using topical acne treatments for the occasional spot once or twice a month. I have a whole different post coming up about this product (So stay tuned for that) because I had quite a funny experience with it but overall the moisturising power is good and it didn't break me out even though it's quite a rich, hydrating cream which has almost never happened before. I used to prefer keeping my skin less moisturized with matte lotions to avoid breaking out from heavier creams in winter and not properly caring for the dry parts of my skin. So this is truly a product designed for people like me. ( I've also got a detailed review and experience of the hydra soothing cream which is you should definitely read before purchasing this product)

3. (Sample) Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion : This little tube has lasted me almost 6 uses and it's still going strong. I love this stuff! You only need the tiniest amount and how I like to use it is under my makeup in the morning. It sinks into the skin immediately and keeps my face matte all day long. It provides a great base for makeup. However, I don't find it super moisturising at this time of the year. I usually use a matte foundation as well so maybe that's why. I think it will be alright under a dewy foundation. This is the product that I'm going to be purchasing in full size as a daytime moisturiser.

4. (Sample) Cleanance Mask : This is a standard scrub/mask that has tiny particles in it. I really like how the particles feel against my skin and definitely helps in giving my face a clean base by getting rid of the dead skin. It feels tingly and I experience a burning sensation everytime I leave it on as a mask and my face feels slightly stretchy after I've washed it off. So I have to immediately slather on some hydrating moisturiser or my face feels uncomfortably dry. I did notice it brought some blackheads/whiteheads to the surface but didn't really do anything to remove them. I will use it up as a scrub but won't be repurchasing.

5. (Sample) Cleanance Micellar Water:  I got a cute little bottle of this micellar water to try out. It felt very fresh and hydrating against my skin. It doesn't dry my skin out at all or irritate it. It did a decent job of removing eye makeup as well but I feel like I needed a lot of it to get everything off and it definitely wasn't a one swipe job. At one point a little bit got into my eye, and boy it stings! There goes a lot of brownie points for eye makeup removal. It's very cooling and feels nice to wipe my face with it at the end of the day. It's a pretty decent micellar for the face but I'm already using one at the moment so I won't be particularly needing it. I am very excited to try their facial mist because I think it will be a much better version of the micellar water for refreshing the skin and not actually for cleansing. I'll give this one a miss.

Other Products in this range that I haven't tried yet - Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner, Cleanance Expert

So that's it for my brief review of this range. I will say that it definitely doesn't irritate or breakout my sensitive skin even though the burning mask scared me a little but nothing happened. Overall, these products have been really gentle on my skin and the thermal water in all these products actually give a nice, cooling feeling which my skin appreciates greatly. Have you tried out any Avene products or this range in particular?
Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser and Hydra Soothing Cream Review


  1. This is such a gorgeous post – great tips!
    Tania xxx

  2. I've never actually tried Avene but I've heard amazing things about it - lovely pictures!
    Amy xx

  3. I haven't really tried any of the Avene products so it was good to read your opinions :)

  4. These products sounds great- thanks for reviewing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. I really like the products I've tried from this range so far :) they help get rid of my blemishes without drying out my skin

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. I love Avene products! I use their thermal water mist spray every day

  7. I am yet to try Avene products but I heard great things about them.

  8. I love this brand, I just did a review of them

  9. I love the Avene skincare products. TFS!

  10. Amazing review!! Avène is a very good brand! :)

  11. These all look like great products, thank you very much for sharing!

    My Vogue Style |

  12. I never heard of these products, but they sound great!

  13. Avene is a great brand I always trust and use. Their cleansing products are excellent! x


  14. I have only tried one product from Avene and didn't really like it, but so many bloggers seem to like the brand, so I might give it another go x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes, I'll agree not all products are my favourites.

  15. Great post! Love this brand.

    Gemma x

  16. Avene is such a great brand. I discovered it a few years ago and love many of their products. These products sounds great too.

    Ann-Marie |


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