La girl Pro HD Base Products Review

February 17, 2017

LA Girl Pro HD Face Matte Powder, Pro Conceal HD and Pro Coverage Foundation Review
A pretty affordable range of base products that I've been continuously impressed with/ willing to try out is the Pro HD line from La Girl. I first purchased the Pro Face powder last year and since then have moved onto buying a lot of things from the range and the brand itself which is cruelty free and at a price I cannot resist. So I'm here to share my thoughts about these today.

Perfectionism and the reasons why I blog

February 11, 2017

I’m super close to the 2 year anniversary of my little space on the internet and I’ve never felt the need to write a post talking about what it all means to me until now. You may or may not have noticed my irregular appearances on this blog and this is not a post talking about excuses why I haven’t been churning up content but a heart to heart about what I’ve been feeling. I have always wanted to write ever since I was a child. I would spend hours even as a ten year old conjuring up make believe stories about bears, children, haunted houses and so on. It was my favourite thing to do and a part of who I was and have grown up to be.
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