La girl Pro HD Base Products Review

February 17, 2017

LA Girl Pro HD Face Matte Powder, Pro Conceal HD and Pro Coverage Foundation Review
A pretty affordable range of base products that I've been continuously impressed with/ willing to try out is the Pro HD line from La Girl. I first purchased the Pro Face powder last year and since then have moved onto buying a lot of things from the range and the brand itself which is cruelty free and at a price I cannot resist. So I'm here to share my thoughts about these today.

#1 La Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder: 
(Shelf Life : 36M)
This came as a saviour when I broke my Rimmel Stay Matte and wanted something just as good. A light powder to set my oily skin without looking cakey or breaking me out is essentially what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised with this. It is so finely milled and the shade I use is "Creamy Natural" (fourth from the lightest) which is described as a fair to medium skintones with yellow undertone.

I went for this shade because all the shades lighter than this has pinky or white tones to it. So this is the lightest yellow toned powder. Since it's a very light powder that blends in super well, the shade isn't much of an issue here and this works out just fine for me, It definitely keeps my face matte all day without making my skin look  flakey or dry that some of these powders can do especially since I get dry cheeks often and that's not a good look. I've been using it everyday for months now and still haven't hit pan. I'm super impressed with this.

#2 La Girl Pro Coverage Foundation: 
(Shelf Life : 6M)
 This is quite popular online at the moment mainly because of it's resemblance to Makeup Forever HD foundation in terms of the packaging. I had to try it out because it's the perfect season for a new illuminating foundation and that's exactly what it is. A very dewy, illuminating foundation that gives my skin a gorgeous glow. The formula is quite runny for a medium-full coverage foundation. I only tend to use the slightest bit all over my face and it instantly looks flawless like a perfect blank canvas covering any signs of redness or spots. I used it in the dusty pink makeup look that I did and you can see for yourself that it photographs very well!

I avoid layering it more than once because I find this foundation oxidizes like crazy and using too much of it makes me look like an orange in an hour. The shade range consists of 16 shades and that convinced me that I could find a perfect shade for me but nope, I got the shade "Natural" the third shade from the lightest and while it sounded perfect for me, it's quite orange and darker on me especially with the added oxidation (you can see in the swatches below). I plan to get the "Fair"  which is one shade lighter with a yellow undertone and hopefully it will work out. That makes me wonder what super pale girls would do if they wanted to try this foundation if a nc25/30 girl can't find her match. The shades seem more geared towards darker skin tones. They do provide a white shade for mixing in to get your perfect shade. I like the idea of it but not at the cost of being absolutely necessary for most people.

I still want to give the lighter shade a try because I'm so in love with the finish and I'll pass this onto someone who might match better to it. Even though it's so glowy, it doesn't make me look greasy which is why I often avoid a lot of illuminating bases and bb creams. It truly looks like a high end foundation and at $10, you can't not give it a try.
LA Girl Pro HD Face Matte Powder, Pro Conceal HD and Pro Coverage Foundation Review
#3 La Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer & Corrector: 
(Shelf Life : 18M)
I'll talk about two of these concealer/correctors together because they're essentially the same formulation but the concealers have been around for a while now and the correctors are a fairly new release to their line. Now the concealers can be compared to the foundation in the sense that they're super high coverage, quite runny and dewy on the skin. I definitely have to powder over it to make it last throughout the day. I love the finish and how easily this concealer blends. It really covers my stubborn dark circles. 

This stuff is up there with my Fit me concealer which is essentially the best drugstore concealer I've used so far and rarely ever stray from it. I own the concealer in "Pure Beige" which is 100% the wrong colour for me and that's why I decided to purchase the "Highlight" shade as well to mix it in and now it works perfectly for me with some mixing. The white shade is brilliant for a matte highlight that's also a cream. I've only seen such highlights in high end brands but it is so amazing that a drugstore brand is coming out with such products too. If you want a not so shimmery highlight but only to add some dimension to your face this is the best product to go for.
LA Girl Pro HD Face Matte Powder, Pro Conceal HD and Pro Coverage Foundation Review
(From Top to Bottom : LA Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder, LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Corrector in Highlight, LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer,LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation)
Overall : I think their quality is amazing for the price. They stay on for more than 6-7 hours with setting powder on top and the best part is when I take off my makeup, a lot of it comes out which shows that it actually stayed on my face. When it comes to packaging, I love that the foundation comes with a pump hence making it so easy to control how much you get out and prevent over applying it and ending up looking orange. I'm not too fond of the little brush applicators on the concealers because I feel like I have to press a lot to get any product out and when it comes out it's a lot more than I'll be using so it stays on the brush harbouring bacteria and getting wasted. 

I've stopped using the brush since then and just pop out the brush to use the product directly from the tube on the back of my hand which I prefer. The shades are very difficult to navigate especially if you're ordering online. Do not make the mistake of thinking that since " Creamy Natural" from the powders suits you, the "Natural" foundation will suit you as well. Although they have some overlapping names but that does not mean there's a particular system of finding out your shade from every base product like mac has. The swatches on the site are quite misleading as well so I'd suggest you check out some swatches from other bloggers of the entire range before buying.

This is not the most friendly range for pale women because there are very few light shades and even those don't really fit all. Most shades have an orange tone to them which makes it very difficult to match too. It often looks like the perfect shade in the bottle but turns out a little darker on the skin. The only option for a lot of women of any skintone would be to get the mixing whitener foundation and concealer which I wonder if it's a marketing strategy by making sure the shades don't match most people.(Lol well played La girl!) I'm still going to repurchase the foundation in a lighter shade or the whitener because they've sucked me in with the formula and these products are keepers for the winter months and all year round for people with dry skin.

Update: I got the "Fair" in the foundation and phew! It finally matched me without making me look orange. Maybe it's a little bit lighter but I make it work by mixing with other foundations in summer or bronzing up my skin. My ideal shade match would be Fair + Nude Beige(next yellow based shade in the range) . A top tip for you guys is to buy the lightener or just mix it in with another shade and if you do end up finding your perfect match, that is amazing!


  1. Great review love! Sadly I'm pale so most of them won't work for me, but might give the highlight concealer a try x.

    - Kara

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    Love, Kandice

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    Amy xx

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    X Merel

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  11. Oh very interesting products darling
    I want try LA Cosmetics sometime

  12. I love LA Girl, their HD Pro conceal is my ride or die. Their foundation is finally available in South Africa and I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for the tips regarding our shades.

    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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  16. It's a shame it's so hard to find the right shade in these as they sound like great products for you otherwise! It's nice you managed to figure out what shades you needed in each :)

    Hope your Monday is going well and you are having a really good start to the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. must give this a try...
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎


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