Bookmarks for Crappy Days #4

May 16, 2017

Welcome! I'm back with another edition of 'Bookmarks' for some instant cheer you up, inspirational pages on the web that I definitely turn to when I'm feeling low or when I'm in a grumpy mood. If you're having a crappy day, this one's for you!

James Altucher is an entrepreneur and successful blogger and while his niche is not something I find myself delving into, this article  about successful people really changed me. His response to the question in the title was something so different from anything I have read before. It is a very well written piece with fantastical elements in it. He compares people who always have everything going for them as "aliens" while the rest of us are only "human". He embraces his shortcomings and through his writing, makes you wonder whether your excuses are the only thing that differentiates you into the human category. Is it all in our heads?  Are we really all that different from super successful people? I got a feeling that the only thing stopping someone from achieving what they want is them and their attitude towards their goals. Give it a read and you'll be really thinking by the end of it.

2. The Daverts : TLC Episode
This is one of those videos that made me smile ear to ear and I didn't stop until it was over. It is a little look into a day in the life of - 'The Daverts' a family that is much less fortunate than we are. The entire family suffers from disorders such as cerebral palsy and brittle bones. You may think this video is going to be a downer but it is the exact opposite. I love this family's spirit and how normal they are despite the fact their life is nowhere as easy as a healthy person's is but they make it seem like it is. They're all smiles and full of positivity and not once do they dwell on how sad their condition makes them. Instead they have such a great attitude towards it and hence, the kids have grown up so independent and not once feeling sorry for themselves. These are the best 28 minutes I have ever spent and you will absolutely agree! This video is testament to the fact that love and positive thinking are two of the most powerful things in the world.

This will make less sense to you if you're not a Gilmore Girls fan. However, if you've watched the show you'll know the background music throughout the seasons are a bunch of  'La las' composed with different melodies. This video is a background music compilation of all the different types of 'Lalas' in one video. It's a wonderful thing to just play in the background while working or like I did, try and guess which scene belongs to which particular piece of 'Lala'. For example some of them are more upbeat from happy scenes while others are from some sad, important moments on the show. When I heard a couple of these, some of the scenes flashed in my mind and made me smile. So test your hardcore fan status by guessing where all of them were used or just for some good ol' nostalgia.

4. Rivulet Paper - Instagram
This wonderful instagram art account is run by Lily Seika Jones, a very talented artist and what I admire most about her work is it's ability to transform me to an era long gone. I love her art style, her colour schemes and the whimsical elements make them even more delightful. As a lover of classic novels, I really appreciate her artworks and believe they belong in an illustrated novel from the 20s or 30s. You can expect gorgeous castles, animals (often in human clothing), woodlands and a lot of Jane Austen. Her descriptions often talk about her inspirations that are usually from famous classic novels that perhaps you've read and loved too. It's just another reminder to keep fairytales and classics alive in my busy and grown up life even if it's through her beautiful feed. Go have a look and get lost in it's beauty.

I came across this blog post one day as I was scrolling through Pinterest and I clicked on it thinking I'll find some philosophical advice about life but nope, this post is a list of the world's simplest things that women often ignore and people don't talk about them enough. It's like a little advice sesh from an old sister I never had about a lot of stupid things we do or may end up doing as 20 - somethings. Give it a read and you'll find yourself nodding to all of these. There's some valuable advice for us ladies that we'll want to pass on someday.

And there you go! Here's 5 more ways to feel a little bit better when you're having a bad day. If you enjoyed reading this post, check out the previous editions too!


  1. Aww these are lovely, thank you for sharing! x
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  3. Those bookmarks are so pretty.Thanks for sharing! xo

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  4. These are so interesting, thanks for sharing!

  5. Loving this series! I recently have found out about James Altucher and I'm loving some of his pieces on his blog. I'll need to check out this articles as well :)

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