Fashion Inspiration from 3 bingeworthy netflix shows

May 9, 2017

I'm one of those people who falls in love with a show and its fashion. Of course, what makes a show great is it's story and the characters but I can't deny that I'm attracted to shows with some outfits I can appreciate. Even if I don't go into watching a series with fashion in mind, when I fall in love with a character, I often fall for her style too. 

Maybe it all started with Gossip Girl, then there was Pretty Little Liars and the list has grown far longer than I ever imagined. So let's talk about three Netflix shows I recently binged because they were impossible to stop watching.

I have three favourite shows that I will label as 100% binge-worthy but what's more cool is all of them have really interesting female leads which I've only just noticed. They are based on three very different women but powerful in their own ways I guess.

#1 13 Reasons Why

Does this show need an introduction anymore? I think not! It's everywhere and it has received so much appreciation. All of it is so well deserved because of the way this show struck a chord with so many teenagers and adults alike. 

It's crazy how many people could identify with Hannah after watching it, how many people have felt like her and survived. The show ultimately makes you reconsider how you treat people because everyone's going through something that we don't know about.

Well, our lead girl Hannah is my first subject of some fashion inspo because she does the slightly edgy and not overly girly high school girl look so well. To be honest, her look would work on anyone who's willing to be bold and can carry it off.

I've kept her look fairly inexpensive and perfect for someone on a student budget.

Floral Dress - Forever 21,  Denim Jacket - Forever 21, Cashmere Beanie - Uniqlo, Boho Rings - Forever 21, Camo Phone Case - LA Hearts,  Olive Green Backpack - Mossimo, Thigh High Socks - Modcloth,   Combat Boots - American Rag Faylln

#2 LOVE 

This one's an old favourite and I've talked about it before in my Netflix addiction post last year. Since it's back with a new season, I had to add it to the list because it is incredibly funny but also covers some great real life scenarios when it comes to love and dating.

This season Mickey and Gus finally get together but of course, all hell breaks loose. The characters are two very damaged people who are trying to make it through life and giving love another chance.

This one's not for you if you're looking for a fairytale love story. This is quite the opposite of that. The real, raw, uncensored version of relationships today and Gillian Jacobs does not disappoint with her style on the show.

She's got a very cool girl vibe, she wears minimal makeup, her hair is always messy and so is her love life. But there's one thing she's got figured out - she's able to make an outfit out of absolutely anything, even her boyfriend's old vintage tees and look totally rad in them!

Here's some cool girl chic inspiration for you...dungarees, band tees and she's probably got an eye for thrift store shopping.
Denim Dungarees - BOOHOO , similar styles here, Oversized Plaid Shirt - H &M , Graphic Tees by Forever 21 and Asos, Button Down Denim Skirt - Misguided, Western Style Bag - Steve Madden, Bucked Boots - Forever 21,  Rings - pink, blue, white and triple set.

#3 Girlboss

If you've read the famous novel by Sophia Amoruso, you know the hype around this series is real. I was waiting for it from the minute I saw the trailer and more so because I love Britt Robertson.

Now this is the newest show I've binge watched and it's all about fashion. A pretty terrific story of a girl named Sophia who went from selling clothes on Ebay to owning her own clothing website. It is the ultimate dream for all entrepreneurs especially fashion & beauty bloggers.

However, this show is very loosely based on the book and they've definitely added more stories to make it a little bit more dramatic I guess. It's definitely not the same as the book but I enjoyed watching it.

The focus is not just on Sophia's career but there's so much more about other characters in her life.

Let's not forget Sophia's killer looks usually in all vintage items, high platform heels and going for a 70's vibe with her accessories. She has a taste for expensive stuff from the 70's and 80's like a sexy jacket and some great flared jeans!
Striped Bodysuit - American Eagle, High-rise flared jeans - Old Navy, Appliqued Leather Bomber Jacket - GUCCI,  Rose Bomber Jacket - Bagatelle, Platform Boots - Forever 21 , Sunglasses - PRADA, Fringed Bag - Boohoo, Cactus Necklace - Here, 5 set of rings - here, 3 set of rings - here, Blue crystal ring - Here.

Who is your favourite fashion inspiration from TV Shows? Also, let me know which one of these looks is more your style.


  1. I think #2 is more of my style! Love the way you wrapped up everything with different looks! x

    Dabin /

  2. I love all of those styles,
    but my Highlight is the #3 Outfit.
    Amazing collages :D

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. I love this post! Such a unique idea :) I was obsessed with Mickey's looks on LOVE shes so effortlessly cool!

    Hannah x


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