MUA Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit + Set & Reflect Finishing Kit Review

May 13, 2017


With summer in full swing already and the humidity levels rising, I was on the hunt for a new contour powder and I spotted these cute little kits and had to pick them up. To be honest, I only picked up the contour kit first but I loved it so much that I went back and got the finishing kit too a week later!


Shelf Life : 12M

Quantity : 20G

It's rare for me to even touch the products before I've taken pictures of them for the blog but in this case I couldn't resist, I've already used the contour and setting powder and lightly used the highlighters just so that I don't mess up the beautiful patterns. I must say I am impressed.

The packaging is probably what drew me to them first. They come in gorgeous gold and silver compacts and I believe they have a strobing kit as well which comes in rose gold but couldn't get my hands on that one. They look really cute on my vanity. Each one comes with two layers with two different powders - one matte and one shimmer.

I must point out that the contour kit packaging is a little defective because the lock on it isn't very tight, it opens up pretty easily with a nudge. I guess I received a defective piece because the finshing kit locks up perfectly and is sturdy. 

They've had the contour kit for a while now but only just added the finishing kit so maybe they've improved the packaging and made it sturdier. It's mostly just mine because I haven't heard of anyone else talking about this issue.

MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit
MUA Bronze and Sculpt Contour Kit

It comes in two shades - Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I picked up the first type and the contour shade is perfect for me.

It's a light, cool toned contour shade. Not at all orange which I'm thankful for. It is very buildable so you can layer it to create the kind of contour you want which is preferrable instead of going in with a super dark powder.

The shimmery bronzer/highlighter on top is a champagne colour but a little bit disappointing when it comes to pigmentation. It's very, very subtle on the skin as you can see from the swatches at the end. I bought this for the contour powder honestly so I'm not super mad about that. 

I noticed it had a bronzy overlay which disappeared after a few uses and now it's a true champagne colour. It might look beautiful as a light wash of colour on the eyelids. 

I'll still use it up as a blush-topper ( a shimmery powder to layer over your blush) or a subtle highlight during the day. It's nothing when compared to the Makeup Revolution Breathe highlight which is BAM! Glow on the lightest touch.

MUA Luxe Set & Reflect Finishing Kit

MUA Set and Reflect Finishing Kit

In the summer, I tend to go for bb creams or foundations with lighter formulations but the issue with those is they are usually very glowy and dewy.

I like the dewy look but my t-zone and around my nose turns greasy pretty fast in this weather, so I use the finishing powder to set those areas.

This stuff is amazing! It is perfect for on the go blotting and thankfully gives no white cast on me. I am always afraid of that because sometimes 'translucent' powders from the drugstore are not always translucent especially on skins with yellow-undertone.

I tap off the excess and apply only a tiny bit with large fluffy brush so that it blends in perfectly instead of layering on too much powder. It can go from good to chalky if too much is used.

The highlighter on this is absolutely gorgeous though! I thought it'll be a silver highlight when I first saw it but on swatching it's actually a beautiful gold. I guess the silver bits balances it out and makes it a nice soft gold and not too yellow.

This is super pigmented and absolutely gorgeous. It's a very neutral shade of highlight and will work on everyone I think!


I know I'll be getting a ton of use from the bottom powders of both these kits. They last on me for 4-5 hours at least and more if I've got a primer. The highlighters though completely disappeared after a while. I think a nice way to use up the highlighters would be to use the bronzy one when I'm going for a subtle, natural look and the gold highlight on days I want to go all out.

They're definitely nice to have in my collection for a little variety. Also these kits are 20g each. They're going to last me a loooong time.

Have you tried these kits before?


  1. You got some great products. I need the Set & Reflect Kit, I have the same problem when I am using a BB cream and I have to set it since it makes my skin more shiny that it already is. Happy Sunday x


    1. Yes, It's definitely handy to have during this time of the year x

  2. Ooo never saw these before they look really pigmented considering they are only drugstore to! Great finds

  3. I've never seen these on the MUA stand but will have to hunt them down! xx

    1. I bought them online. You can directly buy them from the website :)

  4. Aww the colors look so good!


  5. Oooh these are so pretty - both the packaging and the actual products, they look so luxury!
    Amy xx

  6. These both look so pretty, love the packaging

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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