A gap year after college

June 1, 2017


A gap year is quite common for someone who has just finished high school and has not started college however it’s  a taboo when it comes to mid college or post college gap years. Once you’re in the game, you’re expected to become a career focused person without much thought given to what you actually want.  In some societies, taking a gap year in the middle of college is considered a blunder, like you’re going to screw up the rest of your life if that gets on your academic records. I grew up in a society like that.

Taking a gap year in the middle of a course was unimaginable even when I felt overwhelmed or needed to rethink some parts of my life.  A part of me wanted to get over with it but a part of me also wanted to slow down. Although I am happy to have finally finished my undergraduate study this April, I think I’ll give the gap year a chance now.

To say that college was difficult would be an understatement for me. It was every bit grueling, tiring, emotional, happy, fun, anxious as I can ever imagine. I graduated from a five year architecture degree course (B.Arch) and it was the hardest thing I had to do so far (I’m sure any Architect will agree).  I am still on the fence about where I want to be but I made it through, that’s the bit I am glad about.  I’m an architect now but not sure if I’m ready to dive into a career just yet. What I took away from this experience is that it’s okay to not have it all figured out even when people think you do.

I have some big decisions to make about the future, like graduate school or working somewhere and what kind of job I’d actually like being in. The best way to take such important decisions is to be in the calmest state of mind I’ve ever been in the last five years…and that’s now. I feel so much better without any expectations poking their way into my life. It’s the perfect time to take a year off to nurture myself.

I feel free. I smile more often. I have nothing pressing my mind. I am hopeful and positive.

I have also been on the opposite end of this spectrum and know now that I don’t belong there.

Here's a list of my gap year goals:

#1 Get an internship.

#2 Make decisions about graduate school & prepare for applications.

#3 Travel.

#4 Discover myself.

#5 Learn a new language

#6 Give my blog a much needed boost and bring it back to where it used to be & more.

#7 Make a posting schedule and stick to it.

#8 Take beautiful photographs.

#9 Write more personal posts.

#10 Volunteer

#11 Love - everyone and everything around me that makes me happy.

And the most important of all…Love myself, even if I don’t get through everything in this long list of things.

It takes courage to stop doing what is acceptable and start doing what you need.  If you ever feel like you need a break, take it and be unapologetic about it. You owe it to yourself, your heart, mind and soul.


  1. Congrats on graduating from that five year architecture degree course, sounds intense! I think it's great that you're taking time after to enjoy and relax and not jump right into a job or school again because you need a well-deserved break!


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  3. So glad you're doing what you want love! It's always important to take some time off and focus on yourself. I hope you have an amazing gap year, you deserve it! x


  4. Congratulations on graduating college. I think it's important to take some break after college to focus and reflect. I used mine to do a couple of internships to really understand what I want to do.

    Her Hive

  5. I am so glad you did this post. In the middle of my law school degree I decided I needed to slow things down due to some horrible personal reasons. Though it wasn´t a gap year, it meant that I´ll graduate a year later and it makes me feel quite bad. Congratulations my dear, i´m truly happy for you and I perfectly understand your gap year decision. I am sure you will take the most out of it!


  6. So happy that you graduated and managed to figure out what you plan to do in your gap year. While im very much stuck in the dilemma where i have to only finish one more essay to finish my degree, but in the meantime have worked throughout college and took two years off to only work, makes it so much harder to just get back into the academics. While I love your goals what you want to do in the future, my definite advise (coming from someone that has been taking a gap "year" for two coming three years, is that don't expect to accomplish everything, rather focus on only a few things very very well than overwhelm yourself and become lost. But regardless, good luck with everything, at the end of the day, it's the journey and learning experience that counts! x Sam


  7. Love how you beautifully ended the post :) It's so important to love and appreciate yourself, we often forget that. Also, I always thought that taking a gap year after studies is a smarter way than just after school. I didn't take a gap year after school and dove right into university. I feel like if I have taken a gap year then, I would have lost that drive to learn, to study, you know? Once I'll finish university, I will certainly take a gap year to travel and relax a bit and then I will venture into career. So best of luck to you, love! I'm sure that this gap year will bring you a lot of lessons and experiences :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  8. I think its a great idea! I wish you all the best in whatever you decided to do during the gap year x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  9. I agree, if you feel you need a break than a break is always a great idea. Such a well written post.


  10. It's really important to take a break and do things you love. I remember when I finished my studies, I spent my summer with my two best friends. We didn't have any money but it was the best summer ever because we were all day at the beach having fun! I hope you get the chance to do all things you want and most important, enjoy and have fun! x


  11. Congratulations on graduating a 5 year course! :)
    You have great goals and you are really making a productive gap year! Good Luck, I wish you all the best. I'm thinking of taking a year off to learn a new language and new skill but I'm not sure if I can afford it.

    With Love, KANDICE

  12. Architecture has been one of the most intense courses and Congrats on graduating, you deserve the gap year! Good luck <3
    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  13. I think its a great idea! I wish you all the best
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  14. Congratulations on graduating, that must be so exciting! :D

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