A little Boho-chic haul!

July 18, 2017

Hello everyone!!
Long time no see but I’m back this time with a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. Well, I’ve been squealing like a child just thinking about them so that’s something!
I’ve done a mini ‘boho-chic’ haul that thought I’d share with you today. I recently discovered this website called ‘To save’ that sell everything at factory prices + Free Shipping and I thought I’d check it out and got a few things to try out. They also have a website for hair extensions called – Sheinhair. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest because I haven’t read any other reviews of this website yet. However, I picked up three things – A double – buckle belt, a maxi dress and a set of rings. Their interface is really nice and easy to browse through. They’ve got a bit of everything you could ever want but I naturally gravitated towards the fashion & accessories section so didn't really check out the other categories much. It reminds me of Aliexpress a little because of the amazing deals they have going on. I was blown away by their rings section, there are so many cool ones at amazing prices. When I’m going for a trendy look, I do love a bargain.
Boho Rings Set *
The package took around 3 weeks to reach me and  I think that’s standard shipping time for these trendy accessories websites coming through China Post.  I was so impressed with the items. The belt looks exactly like the one I saw in Forever21 but half the price. I was going to buy it from Forever21 anyway but if I can get it in half price, I thought why not give it a go? It’s a very trendy belt, so it’s not something I wear everyday. It’s not an investment piece for me. I’ll wear it only when the outfit demands it and I’ve had one before that lasted quite a long time so I’m glad I could get another one for this year. The rings are gorgeous as well, with beautiful details and the finish looks very nicely made. Lastly, I picked up a boho maxi dress because I thought it would look great with the belt and I took a leap of faith with this one because I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it if the material didn't turn out to be hot weather appropriate.
Vintage Double Buckle Belt *
It feels like a cotton blend, really soft and thin material. No polyester! I got it in my normal size and the fit was great so I was actually really pleased with that. It comes in 3/4 colours and I did fall in love with the teal version at first but I got this instead. I wore it out and about the other day and I felt extremely comfortable. A good tip would be to see if the material is listed and I usually pick up ones that are cotton or a blend. I’ve been able to get good pieces in the past from sheinside and stuff with this trick. I like that it’s very easy-breezy, has three quarter sleeves and a slit down the middle, just past my thigh. The button down detail also adds a nice touch. It's definitely very flowy around the waist, so the belt is a good addition to it. All these three together make the perfect summer or festival look!  I look forward to wearing it to a concert in the future but it’s good enough for a day out in the sun too.
Boho Festival Maxi Dress*
I’m so in love with everything and I would definitely recommend this website for accessories especially rings, necklaces, chokers – that kinda stuff! If you don’t mind waiting a little and like having a huge accessories collection just get a few from here. I do understand that these websites can be a hit and miss but I got extremely lucky with these 3 things and so glad I chose these.

What are your favourite summer pieces at the moment?

*The items in this post were sent to me for consideration by To Save.

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