Rose Gold & Pink Unicorn Face and Eye Brushes from Amazon Review

July 25, 2017

If you’ve been on instagram recently, you may have noticed that the beauty community is blowing up with pictures of these mystical brush sets like I call them.Well, there’s unicorns, mermaids, fishes, even rose branches to choose from and yes, they’re sold by several different retailers. There’s also a similar colourful unicorn set that Tarte sells. I spotted this set on amazon and honestly it was a super amazing deal to pass up. This whole set contains 5 face brushes and 7 eye brushes. The bristles are very soft, feel amazing on the skin and they have pink tips. They didn’t shed when I washed them and pretty much still look new after quite a few washes since I've had them for a month or more now.
I was drawn to the face brushes more than the eye brushes but I picked up the whole set anyway. I really liked the selection of the face brushes and the shapes they included in this set.

-A large fluffy powder brush – This brush is huuuge and I love it. It is packed with hairs and the shape is tapered and not as round like a lot of powder brushes. I feel like it doesn’t pick up too much powder and perfect for a light dusting where I need it without looking overly powdery. It works best with a loose powder/mineral foundation. It can also work as a great bronzer brush for people who are scared of it because they end up orange.

- A tapered highlighter brush – This one is my favourite of the lot. It looks similar to brushes like the Real Techniques Setting brush and F25 by Sigma. It is great for a light sweeping of highlighter and if I need more I can just dip it in the product and sweep again.

- Angled Blusher Brush, Flat Contour Brush – These are standard brushes for blush and contour and they do the job like any other brush would.

- Flat foundation brush – I love this one too! I’m so glad they didn’t include the retro paddle foundation brush like a lot of ebay sets do. I haven’t used one of those since high school and I just end up throwing them out so don’t see the point of buying them. Now I apply my foundation with makeup sponges but what this one is perfect for is cushion foundation. Fits in the pan perfectly and the flat top is sturdy enough to  apply the right amount of pressure on the cushion to get the product out. Another use for it can be to apply cream contour & blush products.
The eye brushes are pretty standard – an angled eyeliner brush, 2 flat shader brush, an angled shader brush, a small shader for the bottom lid and a crease blending brush. I feel like there are too many flat shaders in this and I would only need one or two and they aren’t very stiff to pack on colour anyway. I only liked the blending brush and eyeliner brush from the eye brushes but I guess it’s good to have some extra eye brushes handy when everything else is dirty.

I think this set is well worth the price and also so, so beautiful to look at on my vanity which is an added bonus.
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