A Summer of Girl Power Playlist : Lana Del Rey, Haim, Hey Violet & More

August 1, 2017

Summer is going to officially end pretty soon and I thought today might be a good day to share some of my favourite summer tunes that have been on repeat on my phone! I've been enjoying all the new album releases this season. However as I sat down to write about my playlist, I noticed that it's an all female artist playlist and it wasn't even intentional. So many of my favourite women have dropped their albums this year and others are great musicians I've only just discovered and my mind has been blown. I do love the entire albums but I'll only talk about specific songs that have just got me so hooked or left me dancing in my room.

#1 Little of Your Love - HAIM
These sisters need no introduction because of their immense success with their previous album. I'm a little bit new to the HAIM fan family but absolutely obsessed with everything they do now that I've immersed myself in their music. This song is absolutely my favourite from their new album - Something To Tell You and although I love 'Want You Back' as well, this song is a little bit more amazing in my opinion. Sidenote: I know it's got nothing to do with their music, but these girls have the best style. They're definitely inspired by the 70's!

#2 Break My Heart - Hey Violet
The best way I can describe this wonderful band is they remind me of being a teenager again and in a very good way! They have two male band members but started as an all girls group so it's worth a mention. Their songs remind me of the Avril Lavigne era when I was growing up. I can envision black nail polish, neon pink hair extensions and Doc Martens every time I think of them. They still have really cool, meaningful lyrics but also somehow fit in perfectly with the music today. Their entire album is just amazing and every song gives me the pop/punk vibes and the nostalgia of their sound was simply enough to get me hooked to this band. I hope they've started a revolution and punk is coming back to the mainstream. I can only wish...

#3 The Great Longing - Lost Under Heaven
One of the things I'll be so thankful to '13 Reasons Why' for, among others is introducing me to some great songs that are right up my street but I just didn't know about. This gem is from the soundtrack. It's such a beautiful, soulful song and the lyrics are just gold. There isn't much info about this magical musical duo on the internet which is a shame but I did find a review of their LP on Consequence of Sound. This musical duo is only one half female but I couldn't leave this out of the list because it's my #1 favourite this summer. Their voices are other-worldly and their themes revolve around life, love and spirituality but in a subtle way. This song is just art. Also, if you've seen the show and can remember this song on it, that scene will hit you so much more.

#4  Yes or No - 9 MUSES
This one's the odd one of the bunch I guess because it's from a Kpop band called 9MUSES and I've just randomly discovered them. I don't really listen to Kpop as much but this song has convinced me that I need to. I don't know too much about the band but I've seen their music video & fell in love. They are an all girls group of seriously beautiful girls and their vibe is basically super fun, girly, pop, something I'll have stuck in my head for weeks if I could actually pronounce the lyrics.

#5 Missisippi - The Secret Sisters
Another lesser known gem here, this country singer-songwriter duo of sisters (of course) have a very folksy sound and beautiful lyrics. Sometimes I'll just let their album play in the background for the whole day. Their tunes are so calming and this song takes the cake as my favourite. 'He's fine' is another song which yet again has a story to tell that's what I adore about folk music. Every song is a little story that begins and ends in 3 minutes and that's beautiful to me. I also realized I have a thing for musical groups that are sisters, I can think of 2 more off the back of my head. I guess when you grow up singing together, the musical connection is just more strong.

#6 Bad Liar - Selena Gomez
Right, so finally getting into more mainstream recommendations that I'm sure everyone has heard of. This new song by Selena is so different from her style and others at the moment too and I appreciate the change. She's tried to create something different and it sounds so, so great and also manages to be really catchy which is the end goal of all pop songs today, isn't it? I've been singing this non-stop. It's got such a cool beat that you just want to sway to.

#7 Love - Lana Del Rey
Last but not the least is this song from the Queen of music at the moment (at least for me). This song from her new album 'Lust for life' is just my vibe. Great lyrics, dreamy voice, it sounds almost mystical. I love what it stands for, it's like some advice from an older sister I never had. This particular song still is very true to her style of music and I love it!

And, that's a wrap! I've put them all into a youtube playlist if you fancy listening to them. Who's your favourite artist/band right now? 

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