Juvia's Place The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

September 5, 2017

Shelf Life : 12 months
Price: $28

I was pretty excited to get my hands on this palette because of all the rave reviews I’ve seen circulating around. It took some serious self control to stop myself from using it before taking these photos, Haha. I went for the Nubian 1 palette which is the first palette by this brand that came out last summer. They have so many palettes now, all of them are so gorgeous but they are quite colourful. I’m afraid I’ll never use a green or bright red eye shadow enough so I went for the classic bronzes, warm nudes and the likes. I know I’ll actually use these regularly and that’s what matters to me. However, don’t be fooled by their appearance because they are packed with pigment and you have a lot of shades to get creative with.

Juvia’s Place is an indie makeup brand, inspired by Africa and specially made for WOC because they believe that makeup should look good on every skin tone and at an affordable price. It often happens that some eyeshadows don't show up on darker skintones. I love their motto of making makeup more inclusive so that people of every skin tone can enjoy it. That’s what makes these shadows insanely pigmented, especially the glittery ones. They are amazing for packing on all over the lid or just a little in the centre. The glittery ones may be a good option for night looks for me personally because they are intense shimmers but there are many toned down satin and matte shades for daytime as well. The first shade in the palette is the most unique colour I've ever seen, it's like a champagne gold with a pink duochrome - So pretty!
The packaging is made of cardboard with a magnetic closure. Although I find the Egyptian inspired design very beautiful, I would have preferred if it came with a mirror. Also, I am afraid this packaging is going to get dirty pretty fast. I’ve only used it for a week and there’s already glitter over it. There are 4 matte shades for the crease along with a good mix of satins and glitters. The shadows are buttery soft and super blendable. You only need to tap the brush in the pans or it can have some powder kickback. I would strongly recommend doing your eyes before doing your makeup because it does have some fallout under my eyes. There are just so many looks that can be done with this palette and all the shades go very well together so you can easily mix and match without thinking too much. There’s not one shade that disappointed me. That’s honestly what I look for in an eye shadow palette.
These shadows are long-lasting as well. They last me 8 hours and still look fresh with a base underneath. It’s half the price of the Naked Heat and the colours are definitely in the same family. In fact I think this palette has more variety because of that last row of bronzes and browns. So if you haven’t got your hands on the Heat palette, maybe try this one. If you prefer bright colours then you will be spoilt for choice by this brand. I would recommend the Nubian Palette to everyone. Whether you’re just starting out with makeup or just love warm colours. If you’ve been already eyeing this palette then I have two words for you – GET IT! You won’t need another warm palette to be honest because this has it all.

Next on my list? – The Saharan Palette without a doubt!

Buy it here : Juvia's Place , Beauty Bay 

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