K-Beauty Samples Collection #2 - Lioele, Etude House, Innisfree, Cosrx

September 9, 2017

I'm back with a Part 2 of my samples collection that I've been trying over the last two weeks. It was supposed to go up yesterday but I've been so ill that I didn't manage to get it up on time. Truth be told, I totally skipped my skincare routine in the last 2 days because when you're sick, nothing seems appealing but a skincare chat is just what I need to cheer me up right now. So let's get into it!

#1 Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream :
I have to be honest this review isn’t the best one I’ve done because I didn’t wear it outside. Only around the house but I had it on from morning to night and here are my thoughts. The reason why I wore it indoors only is the shade doesn’t match me. When I first put it on it was very light  but after 5-10 mins, it starts setting and does suit my skin a little better but still it’s meant for pink undertones so it’s never going to look quite right on my olive undertone. It’s a shame that it only comes in ONE shade because I loved the finish, formula and coverage. It’s surprisingly good coverage for a bb cream and can be built to a medium to full if you layer it on. It has a thick consistency and this is the only thing that covered my dark circles without needing concealer. It creases on the lids and undereyes, so setting those areas is highly recommended. I’m amazed! It’s not matte but not super dewy either. A good in between and SPF30 is always appreciated.

Full Size : 50ml for $30
Buy The Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream here.

#2 Etude House ‘The Pink Vital Water’ range:
I got the whole set from this range to try out in minis which includes – A serum, a toner, an emulsion and a cream. Well I wish I had opted for another set and not this one because as is the case with all etude house skincare, it contains alcohol denat and some other ingredients that react badly with my skin. I tried the cream and overnight I broke out on my cheek that refused to budge for 2 weeks at least even with me constantly trying remedies and acne lotions that work for me normally. Also, I have to tell you that I never break out except hormonal break outs. I do get bumps but not cystic acne which was the case with this product. I tried the serum and emulsion too and they were bit gentler but that thick cream destroyed my skin. Never again!

Buy the Etude House Vital Water trial set here.

#3 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Masks:
This is a new concept of clay masks which comes in different colours for different concerns and you have to apply it to targeted areas for ‘multi masking’ – the new trend that doesn’t make too much sense to me tbh, but I thought I’d try it anyway. How cute are these samples though? They look like little capsules. The full size products come in colourful tubes. I did try the multimasking method( kind of like contouring with masks) and also tried using each all over my face and I definitely prefer using it as a normal mask. They’re gentle on the skin, made my skin less oily and made it look bright. Every time I used this, someone told me my skin is looking good, haha including my mom. That’s a good sign right?

Full Size: 70g for $9 each
Buy Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Masks - Hydrating, Calming, Refining, Vitalizing  here.

#4 Cosrx Overnight Spa Masks:
Last but not the least are these very popular Cosrx sleeping masks similar to the Laneige one. You put it on like a thick moisturizer and go to bed, wake up next morning and wash it off. I’m glad I got to try both the varieties because they’re quite different. The Ultimate moisturzing Honey Mask is a gel texture, sort of like an aloe vera gel with a cooling sensation and I found it very sticky and uncomfortable to keep on and didn’t really see a huge change in my skin. However, the Ultimate Nourishing Rice Mask has the thick, creamy texture that I absolutely love as I find it so moisturizing. I loved putting it on my skin and woke up to considerably softer skin. It sat on my skin much more comfortable. I'll probably be getting the Cosrx Rice Sleeping Mask in full size but not the honey one, it’s just not for me.

Full Size :140g for $15
Buy Cosrx Honey Moisturizing Mask and Cosrx Rice Nourshing Mask here.

There you go! Another samples mini-reviews done. You can check out my Kbeauty Samples #1 post and also let me know if you have you tried any of these products before?

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