Top 5 Unique Beauty & Lifestyle Youtubers I'm loving at the moment

September 19, 2017

I’m the kind of person who finds a great youtuber and keeps watching them for years and years. Not much of my subscriptions has changed in the last few years. I’ll occasionally follow new people but soon, I’ll forget to keep track of them. However, in the last couple of months I’ve discovered some new beauty and lifestyle youtubers who are unique, have amazing content and make me want to come back to their channel every time to catch up. I thought I’d share a list of these beauties who not only deserve more followers but also, if you are a fan of channels that are different and don’t just fit into the generic ‘beauty guru’ mould then I think you’d love watching these. Grab a cup of coffee, a snack and settle in because you may have to binge watch after this post!

#1 Violette_Fr

My ultimate girl crush, tbh! She is sweet, sophisticated, a talented MUA, has a beautiful French accent and lives in NYC- the city of dreams. What’s not to love right? Well, I’m not done yet. Her content is very beautifully curated and photographed. She usually takes us to different locations in the city, does certain looks there that are inspired by the place or fit the occasion. She has a unique, artistic touch to her videos and they are filmed from many new angles that is so different from the usual camera, ring light, in your room filming videos kind of setup. I like those too but this channel genuinely gets me excited to watch it like art. Although she uses mostly luxe brands to create effortless looks, when she does use an affordable product, you know it’s a good one! She’s bringing minimal, beautifully done makeup with no instagram brows or instagram anything. Makeup that is done to only enhance our features. In this world of plastic surgery, lip fillers and crazy contouring, this girl inspires women to love their self and love makeup at the same time.

#2 Freya Haley

Those of you who like 70's style and lifestyle, her channel is for you.  Not only does she have impeccable 70’s inspired style which is quite like warm colours, bohemian prints, flared pants, vintage pieces, lot of cool hats etc but she also has a good range of personal and self growth content. I find her a very artistic person as well and always pick up little style tips from her videos. She is also vegan and does a lot of veganism related videos if you’re into that as well. She is from Australia and does pretty inspiring travel videos too. It’s a good mix of everything I like and her editing is so reminiscent of the 70's as well.

#3 Rachel Maksy

She is also known as ‘The Pinup Companion’ which is dedicated to all things vintage. She wears vintage clothes everyday which is so inspiring to see someone following their passion and doing something out of the norm to find pieces from thrift stores to put together looks that remind you of an era. Her beautifully decorated house, her fashion looks, pin curled hair and a dash of red lipstick will remind you of scenes from a 50’s movie and she has the perfect music to go with it too.  I have always been a fan of old Hollywood movies. Even the black and white ones! I watch this channel because I find it so fascinating and inspiring. She’s also quite funny and casual so watching her videos are a breeze.

#4 Gothamista

If you’re interested in skincare or want to get into it but the scientific terms, ingredients such as acids and stuff make zero sense to you then you need to watch her channel. She also uses a lot of Korean beauty and is based in New York so I find it quite helpful to discover new products or just keep track of what’s good and worth getting in the Kbeauty market. Her videos are always short, to the point and there’s no rambling. She has a good mix of western and Korean products in her routines but her beautiful, glowing skin is proof that she knows what she’s doing. I find her voice and videos quite relaxing so it’s something I find myself watching at the end of the day.

#5 Sarah Nourse

Sarah Nourse is a sweet, bubbly, American girl who moved to Europe and her videos are centered around travelling, minimalism, ethical, saving money etc. Her Swiss husband Mathieus is also part of most of the videos and I think he is very intelligent and funny and has some great tips. Although she has just moved back to USA, she has had some great adventures all over Europe. It’s such an amazing channel to inspire you to save money, build capsule wardrobes, fit your life in a suitcase if you want to travel the world and many other interesting topics like that instead of pushing you to buy a lot of things. I know the youtube and blogging industry is so much about consumerism but the fact that they have taken a different direction is wonderful to see and they’ve inspired me to view ‘saving money’ in a different light.

There are a top 5 favourite ladies on youtube and although I say they’re new youtubers, they’re quite well established and what I mean is I’ve just discovered them and have been obsessed with them.  I’ve linked my favourite videos by them as well so I hope you check them out and I hope you fall in love as well x

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